Silkia : Camellia Oil

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100% pure, certified organic, cold pressed camellia seed oil.

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January 20, 2011


Cheap! Doesn't clog pores (for me), evens out skin tone, moisturizing, starting to fill in pitting takes time and patience though.


Can leave your skin a little oily if over applied, takes time to see results in scar healing (but this is true with healing scars in general, it takes time)

I use this oil on top of my acanya gel, but under my cerave sunscreen during the day, and I use it before my atralin gel at night. I am SO pleased with how it's evened out my skin tone SO fast, and that it hasn't broken me out. I was skeptical with putting an oil on my oily skin, but my skin looks much healthier since I've added it to my daily/evening routine. It's supposed to help other products penetrate deeper into your skin because it's a carrier oil, so it could be the other products working better since they're being absorbed better? Either way my skin seems to look a lot healthier since using it. I've noticed a part of a scar I have on my temple starting to fill in a little, and I've only started using it about 3 weeks ago. I'm SO sick of dealing with my acne scars, so anything that helps me like this has is something I'll continue to use! I can only hope it gets better with time. It has vitamin C, E, and polyphenols in it...great antioxidents for the skin and a lot of asian people use it, they claim it's why asian people have such wonderful skin. I ordered a dermaroller, and I plan on using this oil in conjunction with the dermaroller with hopes that my scars will begin to fill in more. We shouldn't have to live with scars, it's embarassing and I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say we've had enough! I think this is something that might not work for everyone! I've read a lot of reviews on Silkia camellia oil, and it clogs pores for some people although you never know unless you try. Sucks, I know. I only use it on my scars though, they're a little hyper pigmentated but the oil has evened that out pretty well so far. I'm afraid if I use it on the other parts of my face i'll break out, so use as you see fit :) It's worth a try I think, but you have to be patient with scar healing. Unfortunately there's no over night cure for that, but this is the best product I've run into so far! I couldn't find the Silkia brand i