Lumie Clear : Blue and Red Light Therapy Acne Treatment

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August 5, 2017
Been using this now for 3 weeks and the difference is crazy - I started with skin contact 15 mins once a day I then upped this to 30 mins for the last week I've been doing it. I found using it for 30 mins it has made more of a difference and have had 1 new spot in the past 7 days. Obviously will continue to use it as it's meant to be 8-12 weeks but nothing but positive results so far. This is a big difference from 1/2 new ones a day each morning. I have been using his alongside drinking 3/4 litres of water a day and cutting out junk food. I always found the sun massively helped my skin which is why I decided to use this light, I would highly recommend it to anyone who found the sun has a positive effect on their skin.
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January 1, 2015
Best treatment I've ever used - but the plug is dodgy!
This is the best treatment I've ever used! 100% cleared my skin, and without any side effects like dryness or redness. Ok yes it's a bit time consuming, 15 minutes per area, which in my case means 1hour, and you have to do it twice a day, but for the results you get its worth it. I would have given it 5 stars, but for the fact that the plug/ wire attachment has burnt up twice, meaning I can't use it in the mean time while I post it off to the uk to have it fixed which is a hassle. But other than that, I fully recommend and wish I had found it years ago.
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January 10, 2011


Completely cleared my skin;
Helped acne marks to heal faster;
No negative side-effects.


Intiially expensive;
Mildly inconvenient.

Before using Lumie Clear, I had been taking antibiotics for 10 years and birth control pills for 3 years but neither of them completely cleared my moderate acne. I always had three or four small but noticable spots near my mouth, and could reliably expect one cyst or spot per month on my cheek. I was nervous about buying Lumie Clear due to the high price and high proportion of "trial" reviews, but decided to try it for the 30 day guarantee. I saw noticable clearing within 3 weeks and total clearing within 8 weeks. I've now been using Lumie Clear for more than 4 months and can't remember the last time I had a spot, despite eating lots of chocolate and having the 'flu this Christmas (two things that would previously have triggered a breakout). My post-acne marks have also faded much faster than they did before using Lumie Clear, which is an added bonus. I also don't have to use topical treatments or face washes any more; warm water and a cotton pad is all I need whilst using Lumie Clear (something else I could never have countenanced before), so I'm saving upwards of £60 per year on toiletries. I'm surprised that other reviewers are complaining about the inconvenience of treatment. Treating an area the size of your hand takes 15 minutes so it takes 30 minutes per day for your whole face. The fact that the device is small means that you can read or watch TV with it pressed up against your skin so it's actually a lot less restrictive than full-face lamps (which actually take 15 mins longer per day as they have to be positioned further away), and it's much easier to travel with if you need to take it on a trip with you. I can't recommend Lumie Clear highly enough. It's the only thing that has completely resolved my moderate acne and I'm so much happier and more confident now. If my Lumie Clear broke I would replace it immediately, but since the LEDS have a lifespan of 54 years (approx) I'm hoping that it will outlast my acne!
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December 21, 2010


It works!
No chemicals or dry skin patches.
No antibiotics to take daily.


Expensive initially but probably cheaper in the long run than all those potions.
Have to make the time.
Only treats small area at a time.

I bought this for my two teenage sons, one 19 who has suffered for 5 years with acne. The other is 14 and just starting on that long and dreaded acne journey. At the start of using it the eldest one's skin was the better but as he is very sceptical of any treatment he hasn't used it really. The younger one however has used it daily and the difference is very pronounced. I won't say that he has no spots at all but only the odd one now that appears and goes far more quickly. It's so great to see this as I was simply dreading watching him go through all the misery over the next few years. Guess what - the eldest one has now decided it's worth doing! Can't wait to see it work on him too. OK, so it's pretty expensive but when you add up the cost of all those wipes, special creams etc etc then this will be cheaper in the long run and it doesn't mean constantly putting chemicals on skin or into your body. My eldest son has had nearly four years of anti-biotics and still suffered, I only wish this had been available for him 5 years ago to save him from the scarring he has now and the downright misery that acne can cause. I really recommend this product.
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September 30, 2010


Works really quickly
One off purchase (unless it breaks I hope it won't)
No side effects like dry skin etc


Expensive (150 quid)
Treats small areas (one cheek at a time)
Time consuming

I was desperate for anything that worked because I have mild-medium acne which fluctuates but when its bad can be quite painful. I was getting depressed and really low in confidence because I needed to wear a lot of makeup to cover them and I just looked fake. I chose lumie over the other lamps because of the price and the 90day guarantee where I could pretty much get my money back if it didn't work but it has worked and I have clear skin other than one or two spots and I have had spots for 10 years. I read tons of reviews before buying and I took a chance, I was worried the good reviews were fake but I can guarantee this one isn't. I hold it up to each cheek for 15mins at night and in the morning but sometimes just once a day now the spots have lessened. It warms your cheeks but has never burnt or dried out my skin. My only worry is, like every other treatment be it antibiotic or topical, it may stop working after a while. I'd love to hear from someone who has been using it for months to see if it still works, if not I will post a review once I have been using it for a while. I would recommend it completely to those who don't mind spending time treating their spots.
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August 14, 2010


Gives Good results
Has an automatic timer that switches off after the recommended treatment time so you dont have to worry about watching the mins.


Only treats a smallish area at a time

Depending on how large an area your acne covers it can be hard to find time to use it for 15 mins each day on each affected area.

Has to be plugged in. It would be far more convienient if battery operated so that you could walk around with it when using it & carry on with other tasks

I have been using the Lumie Clear device for the last 12 weeks and have been really pleased with the results. I am 38 and have suffered with acne since my mid 20s Over the years I have tried lots of things to try and clear up my skin namely retin a, proactiv, salicylic acid, birth control pills, various creams and lotions all with little of no effect (With the exception of Roaccutane which did completely clear up my skin, but gave me anxiety attacks for a further 3 years and made my hair really thin so I wouldnt risk taking them again. My worst areas of spots were on my forehaed and right lower cheek/chin so I have been using the Lumie pressed right up against my skin on each of these areas for 15 mins daily. The timer automatically switches off when the recommended time of 15 mins is over, which is good as the treatment can be both boring and relaxing and Ive fallen asleep a few times with it resting on my forehead. Lumie say that most people notice a difference in just 4 weeks with excellent results in 8-12 weeks. I noticed an improvement after 2 weeks of use - my skin was less red and spots were fading a lot quicker than normal. I would say I now only get 2-3 new spots a week which for me is absolutely fantastic as before I could get 15-20 a day pimples a day and they always seemed to take ages to clear up. My skin never ever had any clear patches where as now it is almost completely clear I cam really pleased with the results I have had from using Lumie Clear and hope that continuing to use it keeps the dreaded acne at bay.
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