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November 16, 2017
Cystic Acne
I have had acne since I was 13yr old; I am 25 now, I use the Argan oil and Retin -A- 0.05 cream. My skin is a combination of oily and dry... I use Aragan oil every day morning and night (at night I use it 30min after applying the Retin -A- cream). So far so good I have been using the oil for 2+ months and have seen a huge difference in my skin before I was just using the Retin -A- cream and it made my skin really dry but I was still getting brake outs but since I added the oil, I have less brake out and they aren't as deep or huge as they use to be, they also heal wayyy faster than before. Its not a cure but it help a lot!!!
December 29, 2012


works on acne prone skin
leaves skin smooth & clear



this is a miracle acne prone face for 30+ yrs is gone, people actually think I'm wearing foundation to even out my skin tone & I do not wear foundation what-so-ever!!!!!!
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October 18, 2012


Nature's gift
Excellent as a moisturizer
Helps acne
Makes skin soft
Not oily at all (even though it's an oil)
Sun Protectant
Tons of Vitamin E
Reduces acne hyperpigmentation


Works slowly

Argan oil is the best moisturizer I've every used. All other moisturizer leave my face feeling oily and heavy by the end of the day. However, argan oil restores the natural ph balance of your skin. It's considered a super oil and you should definitely read up on it. There's a lot of information on this oil. The first couple of weeks it felt very uncomfortable on my face, but after consistently applying it I've noticed that my face absorbs better and is not as oily anymore. It has a light feel. Definitely try it. Plus, it is a sun protectant in its own. (don't need spf unless you really want to) Costs a bit of money, but will last you at least 2-3 months.
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June 23, 2012


-Completely natural and organic (and fair trade, too!)
-Non-allergenic and good for sensitive skin
-Reduces acne
-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles


-Expensive, but a little goes a looonng way

I am in LOVE with this gorgeous, mulit-purpose beauty oil!!! I had beautiful skin as a teenager but once I hit my 20's, breakout city. Not cool. As so many of us acne sufferers have, I have tried everything (except ProActive, I heard too many icky things about it) and nothing worked. I am also vegan and I keep animal products and crappy chemicals off my face so I tend to lean toward natural treatments rather than chemical ones. Most moisturizers you find at the drug store are full of yucky, pore clogging and unsavory chemical ingredients that will make you break out like crazy. But my skin is dry, dry, dry in some spots (oily in others) and needs moisturizer! I read about argan oil and decided to give it a try. I bought the Josie Maran brand 100% Organic Argan Oil and started using just a few drops after cleansing, morning and night. Despite it being an oil, it is not greasy at all. It gives your skin a velvety, soft feeling and a lovely glow! It also helps to control sebum production, fades acne scars and reduces wrinkles! Not to mention, you can use it on your hair to keep it shiny! I like to apply a drop of argan oil to each eye area and a drop to my neck and then put three drops in my palm with a drop of tea tree oil (for a break-out busting boost) and gently apply to the rest of my face. It's the best moisturizer I have ever used, and I urge you to splurge and pick up a bottle. Save your pennies if you have to! Look under the couch cushions! Start a lemonade stand! P.S. Natural is seriously the way to go, folks. Don't hurt your skin or the environment with crappy chemicals.
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