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Aqua (Water), Nitrosomonas eutropha, Disodium Phosphate, Magnesium Chloride.

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December 8, 2017
I am amazed: this totally natural new probiotic skin mist SLAYED my 20 year acne problem! They have 2017 clinical trials that prove it, too.
FINALLY, my holy grail product! I feel personally obligated to share what I found for all my fellow acne sufferers. It's such a hard problem to deal with. I hope this review helps you. For 20 years I've suffered from acne, and have tried literally everything except Accutane. All the antibiotics, Clyndamycin, Differin, Tretinoin (Retin-A), Aczone, etc., For awhile I tried the regimen, too. The only thing that kept my painful, bleeding acne at bay was the Retin-A, which I can't take anymore because I am now pregnant with my second child. Once I got pregnant about 2 months ago, I started doing deep internet research for something that might work, and be safe during pregnancy. And holy sh*t, I finally found the answer. This mist is full of GOOD bacteria that fights the BAD acne bacteria AND reduces inflammation. After a few days I noticed less oil, the smallest pores of my life, and no new acne nodules. I've been using it for a month now, and only had 1 new acne nodule in that month, the day after I binge-ate some sugar. Without this product, at any given time I would have 4-5 bad acne nodules. This is an amazing improvement. This product is a little different to use than most topicals. How do you use it? '" Spray on your face twice a day, all over. It's clear, has little to no smell, and zero side effects. '"  It's live bacteria. Like in yogurt. You gotta keep it in the fridge. '"  I wear makeup in the day, so I spray after I apply makeup in the morning, and after cleansing at night. '"  You gotta ditch some of your current products. Your current soaps, moisturizers and products have preservatives or compounds in them that will kill this "good bacteria," so it's best to switch over to the whole MotherDirt product suite if you can. I love their cleanser and just ordered the moisturizer. Warning: the spray is not cheap.. But I am now using only their products, and I don't need my $50 Aczone and $50 Retin-A prescritptions, or my huge bottle of 2% benzoil peroxide from, or my expensive cleaners and day and night moisturizers. I think I'm actually saving money. If you look up articles on it, you'll see that many people use this mist to just keep their whole body clean, and use it instead of showering. That's a bit too far for me. I still shower daily and just use the Mother Dirt products on my face. And I love it. So does my husband. He said he's never seen my skin so smooth. If you read the product reviews on their site, MANY acne sufferers have found similar relief. OH, DID I ALSO MENTION THEY PROVED THIS WITH ACTUAL SCIENCE??! It's just so cool. Read about their October 2017 clinical trial results. [link edited out] If you're wondering about it, please try it! I wish I'd found this years ago and saved myself so much pain, heartbreak, embarassment and expense.
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January 4, 2019

Thanks for your review. Just ordered the products and crossing my fingers it works as well for me! Happy you found something that works for you, and that's baby-friendly (congrats!). I've been dealing with skin problems for about 20 yrs myself. Good reminder that it's important to keep searching, even if it takes years to find the answer.