Spectro : AcneCare

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Vanishing Lotion for Sensitive Skin
Active Ingredient:
Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion (2.5%).

Deep Pore Vanishing Lotion
Active Ingredient:
Medicinal Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion (5%).

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October 2, 2013
Great product for night treatments but expensive


The only 2.5% BP product I could find
Glides easily on the skin


Leaves white spots on the skin when using too much

This is the product I used to try the Regimen before ordering products from acne.org. It is the only 2.5% BP I could find where I live (Quebec, Canada). It worked great and my skin reacted well. From what I have seen, it is only available in very small bottles (25 mL) at $8 per bottle. I had to use about 1 bottle and a half per week since I needed it for my face, neck, chest and back, so it became pretty expensive. The texture is nice and it glides easily on the skin, but if you apply too much, there will be white spots on your skin, so it's a great product for the night, but not so great if you have to leave the house shortly after applying the product. For that reason, it is probably better to use as a spot-treatment than as an all-over treatment.
June 27, 2013
It works as part of Dan's regimen.


works if used daily


2.5% can be hard to find

I don't find BP very effective for spot treatment but as a daily preventative measure, this product works just fine. I find it especially helpful in keeping away the ingrown hairs I use to occassionally get on my neck. Most stores only carry the 5% which is too strong for me. If you're in Canada, it's cheapest at Walmart.
January 19, 2013


It works. Doesn't contain alcohol.


Small bottle size makes this somewhat expensive. I bought a new container each week.

I would buy again. Wish it came in a larger size. Most stores seemed to carry the 5% and not 2.5% and found myself having to buy the stronger product more often.
February 20, 2012


- Helped drying out and reducing acne on my problem areas
- Cleared areas with light acne
- Reduces redness and inflammation.


- Did not prevent acne
- If you put too much there will be white residue
- Very small bottle for the price
- Flakiness
- Not strong on papules and cysts.
- Does not do much on hyperpigmentation

I've been using this for over two weeks as recommended by the Regimen. This product definitely worked but I'm going to try Clean & Clear Persa-5 with 5% BP because I feel 2.5% is not strong enough for cystic acne. If you have light acne you should try it out. I don't rate it more than a 3 because I still break out.
November 6, 2011


-Fits well into Dan's regimen
-Only 2,5% BP I could find in my city


-You have to apply it fast because it starts to dry and peel if you pass your fingers over it.
- Leaves white residue
-Peels throughout the day, it looks like if your skin is peeling from a sunburn

I would suggest it but the product definitely leaves room for improvement. It does help with the acne.
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November 2, 2011


Worked well, removed acne, reduced oil imediately


Left a white chalky reidue behind

Absolutely excellent! will never go without it!! It reduced pimple size over night, and kill the pimple within a day. *use the deep pore cleanser with 5%BP
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December 21, 2010


works well when used according to dan's regimen; 2.5% BP formulation available; not too expensive (about $15 for a month's worth); doesn't burn too badly even in the first weeks; widely available.


chalky white residue before you apply moisturizer; after you apply moisturizer it ends up looking and feeling like peeled skin; flaking/peeling is very noticeable.

this is a decent product that works well if you follow the regimen exactly, and if you can deal with the annoyance (and occasional embarrassment) of having flakes/peeling skin on your face that you can't see (and can't touch!). if you use jojoba oil it will help!!
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October 17, 2010




made my skin red
white residue left on skin
did not get absorbed well

This was a bad product. I bought it because I did not want to wait/pay for shipping for Acne.org product but found I really should have. This product did nothing for my acne and did not work with Dan's regime.
July 30, 2010


Great for fair, sensitive skin

I started getting bad acne in my T zone at the age off 33. Nothing was working. I bought this and apply a VERY small amount to my T zone and follow the regimen morning and night. I cannot remember a time when my skin has been this clear in the last year and the only thing I have changed in my daily routine is adding this product. To combat the drying effects I add some Argan oil after applying under my regular moisturizer (argan oil has similar sebum regulating qualities as jojoba) If you have light acne I highly recommend this. Since I use such a small amount I think this will last me a good 8 months.
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