Mentholatum : Acne Pimple Medical Lotion

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February 20, 2011


-Works on pimples, reducing them over days
-Small pimples come out instead of big ones usually
-Feels nice/doesn't smell too bad/easy to apply


-Tube is small. Since I have a lot of small acne (used to be big before Dan's BP regimen) all over my face (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, etc.), I use it up pretty quickly. This is my second tube in my second month, and there's only a teeny bit left.
-Doesn't remove scars, blackheads, pits, etc.
-Does NOT prevent breakouts, just lessens the frequency of them.
-Takes a while to work, but so did Dan's BP.
-You can only get this in Asia. :(

I've been using this for about 2 months along with Dan's regimen (cleanser + moisturizer). I replaced BP with this, and the good things are it's easy to apply, and it's not as drying as BP is. It takes a while (a few days) to lessen the appearance of the acne, and while it does not completely prevent breakouts, it definitely makes me breakout in smaller, fewer acne. Since using it, I have cleared most of the acne on my forehead, and all of my left cheek (least severe area with acne). My right cheek, chin, and nose, still have a lot of acne, but they are all very small. You definitely need to stick with it, and apply sparingly since there is not a lot of the stuff, and you can really only get it in Asia. BUT there are some sites you can buy it online. It's just more expensive. My mom bought it for me in China, so I don't know the exact price except that she told me it was cheap. Online, it's around $9-$10 with S&H.
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