The Regimen Success Stories

new york literally is the best skin care regimine that ever happened to me. I've tried proactive, neutrogena, clinique, even oral antibiotics that were prescribed to me by a dermatologist. its been little less than one month and theres a huge difference in acne scars and bumps. what really helped the scars was the AHA cream. as long as you follow the direction to the t theres a 99.9% chance that it'll work for you. I've been suffering from acne since i was 12 so the fact that this actually works and I'm finally to be able to be comfortable in my own skin is amazing. i still have some light scaring but hey its only been a month. but of course when i eat chocolate and junk food i break out so its not going to stop that but it does help tremendously. THANK YOU ACNE.ORG YOURE A LIFE SAVER. by the way customer service is great too!
Hi, my name is Brittney and right into my sophomore year of college my face began to break to everywhere and I have tried everything from black soap, cetaphil, noczema , lol you name it. I have finally found a product that will keep my acne under control and able to not use makeup to cover the embarrassment from all the acne and scars. Pictured is the 1st week of the regimen and the beginning of the 3rd week of the regimen.
Are you struggling with acne or acne scaring? Here is a video showing you the FASTEST way to get rid out it!! Please feel free to share your story in the comments! Check out my regimen in DETAIL here: FTC: This video is not sponsored.
Thank you so much for watching! I hope that this video helped at least one person out with their struggle with acne. If you do try it, or have already tried it, let me know what you think of it! I also forgot to mention that shipping to HAWAII only took 3 days and it was free so that's another BONUS Lol and my forgetful ass forgot to also mention that it was $40 for the three step system which is by far the best investment one could make when it lasts around 4-5 months:) Check out the site right here: Hope you guys have an amazing day. Comment below if you have any questions or comments & also subscribe for more vidsss:) Not sponsored...I wish lmao
This is a better descripted video of my story. I have been using this for about a year now and my skin is looking amazing and I have no complaints. To whom ever is on this regimen keep on using it even if you see no results as fast you want to see them. It'll come you just need to have patience. Things get worse before they get better.
LOVE THIS PRODUCT <3 I've using about year now and it cleared all my acne! Highly highly recommend.
Thanks so much for watching this video. This will be a three part acne series so stay tuned for part 2 & 3! Feel free to leave me a comment....and don't forget to rate and subscribe :-) Check out the Full Acne.Org Regimen here:
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Hello!! I wanted to share with you my personal experience with Acne.Org. I have been using it for around 6-7 months. I also created a blog post that includes my before and after pics, check it out here: Acne.Org: AHA vs Abrasive Exfoliant: Video I watched that inspired me to use
I got hormonal acne in Autumn 2016. My acne got worse quickly, and I tried over-the-counter products until I found regimen. I have always had sensitive skin, and the treatment was harsh. But as recommended I kept going even though I wanted to stop. The skin was red, irritated and skin was partly peeling off. After six weeks I started to notice an improvement. I only used the regimen for three months as my face got too sensitive. Still, even during that time I got rid of the active acne. Now I only have scars left, so I would recommend this product. But if you have sensitive skin, listen to your body and reduce the amount if it's too harsh. Overall, I am happy with the fact my active acne is gone and now I only need to get rid of the scars. And! The scars are mostly my own fault, as I love popping the pimples. So as recommended, so not so that and your acne journey will be easier!
How I Cleared My Acne ⇢ What I Use On My Face Regimen (Cleanser, Treatment, Moisturizer, AHA+) - Silk Elements Jojoba Oil Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen SPF 55
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The regimen has changed my life over the past year and a half. I truly didn't know if I would ever see the day where I had clear skin. I've had acne since 5th grade, and it only got worse as I approached my twenties. I had tried truly everything other than accutane before I found cannot thank you enough for developing an affordable and incredible product. The first couple of weeks my skin was a little dry, but new breakouts stopped forming almost immediately. It took a month or two for some of my large cysts to heal, but overall the regimen worked so quickly! I was completely clear within three months, and I am still clear today a year and a half later. I have posted pictures of myself on facebook and I have friends asking me all the time how I cleared my skin and I tell everyone about you!! It is such a great feeling to not have pain or shame about my skin. Please try their regiment if you have not, it will change your life!