The Regimen Success Stories

The after picture is my third month into the Regimen. I have known for a very long time but I was so skeptical to try out their products because 1. they're marketed online and 2. the products are expensive in my currency. When I felt really hopeless like nothing worked for me I've decided to try and order my very first regimen. I couldn't believe myself either but this is the results I got after using the regimen rigorously daily. After my first month I also started using AHA. I do not have regular breakouts now, around one or two in a month, especially the week before my period. My skin is 90% clear now but those post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations are hard to get rid of and they still linger. I also have dented scars from my acne days. I am very very happy with the results and I would continue to use these products as long as I can afford with my savings. It is kind of expensive due to the currency rate and the shipping fee to my country is super expensive, definitely not money friendly to a college student like me! But my solution to this is to use it frugally: after my second month when my skin cleared up, I started to lower my dosage, using just 1 pump of benzoyl peroxide, moisturizer and AHA instead of 2 full pumps. As for the cleanser, I am still using the first 8 oz bottle! Instead of using 2 pumps, I use just about half or less than half a pump each time. It lathers perfectly!
new york literally is the best skin care regimine that ever happened to me. I've tried proactive, neutrogena, clinique, even oral antibiotics that were prescribed to me by a dermatologist. its been little less than one month and theres a huge difference in acne scars and bumps. what really helped the scars was the AHA cream. as long as you follow the direction to the t theres a 99.9% chance that it'll work for you. I've been suffering from acne since i was 12 so the fact that this actually works and I'm finally to be able to be comfortable in my own skin is amazing. i still have some light scaring but hey its only been a month. but of course when i eat chocolate and junk food i break out so its not going to stop that but it does help tremendously. THANK YOU ACNE.ORG YOURE A LIFE SAVER. by the way customer service is great too!
Hi, my name is Brittney and right into my sophomore year of college my face began to break to everywhere and I have tried everything from black soap, cetaphil, noczema , lol you name it. I have finally found a product that will keep my acne under control and able to not use makeup to cover the embarrassment from all the acne and scars. Pictured is the 1st week of the regimen and the beginning of the 3rd week of the regimen.
LOVE THIS PRODUCT <3 I've using about year now and it cleared all my acne! Highly highly recommend.
I got hormonal acne in Autumn 2016. My acne got worse quickly, and I tried over-the-counter products until I found regimen. I have always had sensitive skin, and the treatment was harsh. But as recommended I kept going even though I wanted to stop. The skin was red, irritated and skin was partly peeling off. After six weeks I started to notice an improvement. I only used the regimen for three months as my face got too sensitive. Still, even during that time I got rid of the active acne. Now I only have scars left, so I would recommend this product. But if you have sensitive skin, listen to your body and reduce the amount if it's too harsh. Overall, I am happy with the fact my active acne is gone and now I only need to get rid of the scars. And! The scars are mostly my own fault, as I love popping the pimples. So as recommended, so not so that and your acne journey will be easier!
Fort Wayne
The regimen has changed my life over the past year and a half. I truly didn't know if I would ever see the day where I had clear skin. I've had acne since 5th grade, and it only got worse as I approached my twenties. I had tried truly everything other than accutane before I found cannot thank you enough for developing an affordable and incredible product. The first couple of weeks my skin was a little dry, but new breakouts stopped forming almost immediately. It took a month or two for some of my large cysts to heal, but overall the regimen worked so quickly! I was completely clear within three months, and I am still clear today a year and a half later. I have posted pictures of myself on facebook and I have friends asking me all the time how I cleared my skin and I tell everyone about you!! It is such a great feeling to not have pain or shame about my skin. Please try their regiment if you have not, it will change your life!
I cannot express enough how much I love the regimen. I never really had acne my whole life, with the exception of getting a few zits here and there in my youth. However, that all changed when I was about 28. I am 30 now and for the past two years I have had bad adult acne. I had tried everything under the sun. Finally I tried giving the regimen a shot after watching a youtube video of a girl who had a lot of success with it. I ordered the regimen and started using it immediately, following the very specific directions to a 'T'. My acne started clearing up immediately. Not only that, but my old acne scaring that had developed over the past two years was also significantly reducing in appearance. I will say that around the same time I also started drinking more water (60 oz./day.. I drank VERY little water before), I also mixed in jojoba oil in with the moisturizer, I started taking a daily multivitamin and once a week using a korean sheet mask. HOLY CRAP. My skin is 100% clear. I have NO new breakouts, even when I do get a zit, it is very small and goes away very fast. I could not be happier. This is a wonderful site and the man who invented the regimen is a genius. Once my acne cleared up I also started doing micro needling at home with a .75 titanium derma roller and that has also helped greatly in getting rid of acne scaring and also wrinkles. I can finally be confident leaving my house with no makeup and that is a wonderfully freeing feeling. I'm so happy that horrible period of my life is finally over. I HIGHLY recommend using the regimen. Oh and also, now that my acne is gone I only use the treatment and moisturizer at night. In the morning I just wash my face with the face wash and use jojoba oil and an all natural zinc SPF with aloe in it. Please if anyone out there is reading this, try this regimen. It changed my life and I'm so grateful. Fell free to comment with any questions and I will respond the best I can. Aloha!!!
I hope someone who feels as despairing as I did in regards to acne reads this and tries the regimen because it will make you cry happy tears. I'm a 22-year-old female and began getting acne almost a year ago. Everyone is different, but I've documented every month with pictures, observing what did and didn't work. I tried going vegan for months, I tried taking vitamins, supplements, and using only natural products, I changed my makeup, I quit wearing makeup, I changed my pillows, I changed hair products, I was put on antibiotics (minocycline) and then hormone-balancing medicine (spironolactone) for 2 months after its failure. Everything made my acne worse despite what i did or didn't do. I tried copious amounts of topical products, I tried no topical products. I spent hours on this forum and others researching and trying methods. I would have nightmares about my acne. Every time I washed my face, it would bleed. I felt unbelievably insecure. I didn't want to go to work or leave my house. There was a point that I just stared at myself crying out of emotional and physical pain. I was hesitant to try this (it took almost a year of failure to convince me) I felt like it was fake or sponsored, but a little over a month ago, I was so desperate I did it anyway. PLEASE TRY THIS. I'll be real, it's not perfect. Expect dry and flaky skin, the BP to burn, and for the lotion to stain your towels. However, It's only been 5 weeks, and I can't even explain how thankful I am. I look at myself everyday and almost cry out of happiness and relief from how well it's working.I have scars, but they're fading tremendously. I still have pimples, but they're minuscule and disappear on their own in two days. I'll post another update in a month or two, but I want people to see what just 5 weeks will do. This is hard for me to post the pictures, but i want other young women and men to know while acne seems permanent, it's temporary, but the self love and acceptance it gives you is eternal changed my life. I always had nice skin until my senior year of college a mixture of stressing and trying new products made my skin worse then ever. I was very sad that my skin was so horrible. I saw a review and I decided to try I stayed consistent with the products I used and my skin cleared up completely. I no longer have any trace of acne on my face and I feel so much more confident. Thank you you def have a loyal customer in me.
I am 20 years old and have suffered from acne for around 8 years, I was desperate to find something that worked on my skin, I was starting to lose confidence and kept picking at my spots in the hope for them to disappear. So when a friend recommended this treatment I jumped at the chance to clear my irritated and angry skin. Before using the treatment I had tried pretty much everything from tablets and creams prescribed from the doctors to over the counter products; even trying to change my diet habits and seeing dermatologists. But nothing seemed to work, or would only be a short term fix. At first I was a bit hesitant due to the regimen having to be shipped from America to England, and the large cost that came with this, but I was desperate for clear skin, so I put this minor issue to the side. One of the best decision I have ever made, my skin saw a noticeable difference almost straight away, as you can see from my before and after photos that were took only 1 year apart. From children at work asking if I had chicken pox to now being much more confident and have no problems showing off my skin. I would definitely recommend this regimen to everyone, I cannot thank enough for this product, a real life saver.
Hi Dan and the team - I'm an early 40's professional woman who has suffered with acne my whole life. I've controlled it off and on with every topical remedy out there and have been on Spironolactone for 8+ years with some success. This past summer my neck BLEW UP like I've never seen. I was six days away from starting Isotretnoin but I found your site and tried it as a last resort before Isotretnoin because I was worried about the side effects at my age. I used the Regimen for a month and added the AHA+ after and I'M TOTALLY FLOORED at the results. I also take your suggested vitamins: zinc, fish oil, Vit d3 and add a drop of jojoba oil to the lotion at night. My face has NEVER BEEN BETTER. You're right, adding the AHA+ makes it perfect. I was a total skeptic about another "system" but this totally works for me and it is very affordable. Thanks!
Saugerties New York
An amazing and easy-to-use product! I am beyond thrilled with its results.