• <p>I have had mild to moderate acne for about five years. I tried a variety of treatments including duac, minocyclene, and differin. The three worked well in conjunction but i was looking for something a little more 'natural' and of course a little cheaper. <br />Dan's products are a God send. I didn't clear up at first. In fact for the first 4 or 5 months i saw little improvement if any. But around the 6 month mark it all came together. Along with Dan's AHA+ and lowering my BP usage to 1.5 pumps twice a day my skin is better than ever.<br />All said my message is this: Don't ever give up, take your vitamins, eat well, and, most importantly, always think positive!</p>

    Erik P Oregon

  • <p>I LOVE LOVE LOVE your products!! I have only been using them for a month and my face is already clear! I've tried so many different things and proactive, NONE of it worked til I found this site! I cant say it enough, i LOVE the products!</p><p><br />Thanks!</p>

    Mary-Kate virginia beach, VA

  • <p>My skin was red and flaky a week ago, break outs etc. At that time I didn't know about acne.org I found this site and looked at the mirror and said well I will give it a try because I can't take this anymore. So I did. I don't know why benzoyl peroxide made my skin soft and smooth in less than a week. But it did. Pimples are still there but looks much better than before. I started slowly, very slowly and what I found is that jojoba oil applied over benzoyl peroxide takes away (at least for me) all unpleasant tingling, burning etc. I started with 10 % (well yeah slowly:) that is what I had around the house. Now I am down to 2.5 % and I had to stop for some time because my skin is sensitive and it is too much sometime. But my skin is smooth, redness bumps, and some pimples went away. Some pimples aren't going away they like me very much. Ok so thank you, wish I found you earlier.</p>

    ledy USA

  • <p>I had perfect skin all my life and then I turned 35. The pimples and bumps just appeared. I wasn't stressed and I have a great diet. I was at my wits end, and had an appointment with the dermatologist two weeks away. It was then, that I stumbled on to your site. I Figured what the hell, I'll give it a shot. I went to the local Wal-Mart and purchased the recommended products and started the treatment immediately. I was shocked that the results were just as fast. I have continued the treatment and my skin is great. By the way, I did cancel that appointment with the dermatologist. Your treatment has been a lifesaver!</p>

    Colleen Suffern, New York

  • <p>Hey, Dan!</p><p>I just wrote to you a little over a week ago, saying 'thanks' for having such a great website for all of us. I never, ever imagined that your regimen would work INSTANTLY the way it has for me. It's incredible. For 20 years I've tried so many types of medications and herbs and have finally found the solution to the problem. Thanks for caring enough about others enough to put the info out on the internet! I'll always be indebted to you.</p>

    Iris Gallatin, TN

  • <p>I've had moderate but persistent acne from age 12 to age 25. Last summer, with my wedding rapidly approaching, one of my biggest concerns was what my face would look like the day of my wedding, since I had no way of knowing. Antibiotics, Retin-A, and a ton of other topicals had never given me any sort of reliable cure. I came across your product, and despite initial skepticism, decided that it was worth the $15 to try. And lo and behold... my skin was the LAST thing I thought about on my wedding, because it had been clear for months. Thank you so much for sharing your incredibly valuable information!</p><p>Best,</p>

    Kate Boston, MA

  • <p>hi dan,</p><p>just wanting to say thanks to you for sharing your regimen. acne in the past has completely ruined my life and made me into an antisocial hermit. i can name so many many products that ive tried in the past that didnt work and actually made my sensitive skin go even crazier.(clinique 3 step,pro activ, clean and clear,pan oxyl,clearasil,neutrogena multivitamin acne cream,olay salicylic acid cream,aveeno clear skin line,fashion fair,mary kay,and black opal blemish control products. ive also gone to dermatologists who prescribed things that were too harsh, or irritated my skin or gave me an allergic reaction such as retin-a, differin, and clindagel.ive also done accutane,glycolic acid peels, and microdermabrasion. i cant tell you the embarrasment ive suffered for most of my adult life.acne completely changed my personality. ive had problems on the job and in my personal life because of it. family members have gotten upset with me for not showing up to bridal showers,baby showers,family reunions,ive even stayed home on christmas and it was due to the fact that i was too emabarrased to go anywhere and show my face.i couldnt look anyone in the eye, always kept my head down.i've gotten stares and rude comments like'you need to start taking care of your skin' as if it were that simple. i just want to cry thinking about how my life has been for the past 10 years. i came across your site about 2 months ago on a day when i had called out sick from work due to an outbreak of about 5 pimples that were huge- looked more like sores. i spent most of that morning looking into the mirror and crying. when i got on the internet and found your site-i immediately ran out and bought the supplies and started the regimen and by the next day i saw improvement and by the next week i continued to see improvement,not only was my face clear but my skin texture was changing and so far i havent had a pimple,my skin is smoother, less oily,even toned and the spots are fading! i just feel like doing cartwheels. people at work, and friends have noticed and have asked-what are you using on your skin? i've gotten so many compliments.i will never,ever stray from this regimen! it has changed my life,my personality, and has given me my self-esteem back. i could keep going on and on but i will just end this with a thank you- you are a god send!! may god bless you for all the lives that you have changed.</p>

    Theresa Atlanta, GA

  • <p>Dan,</p><p>I almost cried today. For the FIRST time in my life, a random stranger complimented me on my "beautiful skin". I have only YOU to thank for this. I was so shocked by the statement, I didn't know what else to say except "acne.org". While on your system, I'm cured. I couldn't ask for anything more.</p><p>Thank you, thank you, thank you!</p><p>Chris</p>

    Chris Akron, Ohio

  • <p>Last summer, 2009 I purchased your products for my teenage daughters. They had great results. Now, I have been using the regimen faithfully for 7 months. I can't tell you how happy I have been with my clear skin after suffering from adult acne for over 10 years. I am an R.N. who has worked in a dermatoligist's office for years and have tried almost everything EXCEPT Accutane. The usual products (antibiotics, spiranolactone, topicals, etc.) gave only marginal results. I am delighted with your products. The regimen works! Your on-line videos are so easy to understand and implement. I have lady friends who have said, "What makeup are you using? You look so clear!" I am a 54 y/o female and my take away from this is; I guess you are never too old to try something new! I just wanted you to know that your regiment is working for me too! Go Dan!</p>

    Nancy inland northwest