• <p>"Beauty is only skin deep" - those are the words that I used to comfort myself when my face was breaking out like crazy in my early 20's. Not only did I had red spots, I also had bumps and lumps; my skin would break and bleeding would occur. What I could not be physically, I tried to make up by building "inner beauty" which I know is far more important. However, that did not stop me from wanting my outside to be more presentable. I have tried many things - proactiv, off-the-shelf-products, off-the-internet-orders, birth control pills. Although, I had success in many of them, they were very expensive to keep up on a student's budget.</p><p>This past summer I came across www.acne.org and told myself I will try the regime with the products I have at home. I bought a BP tube from the store. I had great success, except that the BP kept flaking. So, I decided to get your BP gel form.</p><p>I was instantly transformed. I had so many compliments and for the first time in years, I did not feel as if I had to wear 3 inches of make up to face the day. In fact, I hardly wear make up now - except to cover a few scars.</p><p>Recently, I gave a tube to my sister to try and she has notice a difference as well.</p><p>So, on behalf of my sister and myself, thanks!!</p>

    Jackie Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • <p>Dan,</p><p>Thank you so much! I don't think I need to tell you how amazing your regimen is, but I will because the reviews I read were what made me decide to try this stuff, and it was the BEST thing I ever did. I saw results in as little as TWO DAYS!! I have been using your products for almost TWO YEARS now and I still have beautiful skin! I no longer try to hide my face because of embarrassing acne. Instead, I know I am beautiful, inside and out! I now have my confidence back. Thank you so much!!!</p>


  • <p>I've had horrible acne for a few years before I finally found this website and tried Dan's awesome Regimen. Gosh, talking about trying many products, I've tried Proactiv, doctors' prescriptions, Dermetologist's suggestions, mom's secret traditional medicine (thank god it's over), and even over the table medicine and other CVS' products... Sadly, none of them worked or stayed working for a long time. However, I unfortunately found this website out and after reading all the materials on it, i've decided to actually give it a try. I also have to mention that one of the biggest reason that helped me decide whether to try Dan's Regimen is the site's community. I reckon, "If it worked for most people here, it might actually work for me". Turns out it did, and right now, pimples are the last thing i worry about bout!</p><p>21 years old, Asian, severe acne before Regimen, completely clear after Regimen</p>

    Dewey A-town, PA

  • <p>I have had moderate to severe acne since I was fiftteen years old. I have tried every over the counter product as well as Pro-activ and nothing EVER worked. As a 25 year old, I was very insecure with my face and had very low self esteem. I tried to hide my face with heavy make- up and would wear my hair hanging in front of my eyes because I didn't want to look at the world and I was hoping they weren't looking at me. I found it hard to face myself in the mirror and when I did I usually opted to not go outside and to sleep the day away. Luckily, I met a wonderful man and got engaged 2 and a half years ago. While I was on top of the world I kept putting off the wedding, simply because I could not imagine a more horrifying scene: everyone looking at me and my hideous face. One day about 7 months ago, I was at the breaking point and new that this was my last chance to save my face and my relationship. That day I wanted to look up 2 things;depression forums and how to remove my face and grow a new one, luckily I just typed in Acne treatments, and went to the first site that popped up Acne.org. This site helped me see that I was not alone and I took what everyone said to heart in the blogs and forums. I also became educated on my skin condition and realized that I didn't know a darn thing about what I have been suffering with for over a decade. I also took the time to read up on Daniel Kern and for once felt like I wasn't being led on by money hungry capitalists who are only looking to profit off of the weak and insecure. I purchased The Regimen that night and within 1 week my skin was finally changing for the better. After having beautiful clear acne free skin for 2 full months I decided to finally set a date which is now in 12 days. I have had clear skin ever since and my acne scars are pretty much all healed. Thanks to this skin care product and Daniel Kern I know that I will have a flawless face for my big day and for the rest of my life. DK saved me</p>

    kristina m New York

  • <p>For around 6 years now I have been embarrased and frustrated with my acne. For varying reasons I had never been able to see a doctor about it, and the store bought products weren't doing the trick.(In fact, many of them seemed to make things worse) Around a month ago I came across this website and your regimen. I could feel the effects the day after I started, and less than a week later friends and family started to comment on how my skin was clearing up and de-reddening.(is that a word? Who cares, it is now.) Granted, it's changing into a very pale color, but that's a whole different story. ;) I really just wanted to say thank you so much for this, and I'm amazed at how well it works...I also really wish I knew of a good way to end this.</p>

    Jamie St. Louis, MO

  • <p>Thank you Dan! You see, I've never had terribly bad acne - just a patch of acne here, a little patch there. Still though it bothered me a lot and has given me a lot of self esteem issues throughout the years. Nothing I had tried had ever seemed to really phase the acne. I was greatfull my outbreaks weren't extremely big, but I was upset I couldn't seem to make it go away.<br />About a week ago I hopped on the PC looking for a new solution, frustrated that this "All natural miracle acne facewash" I had just paid 60 dollars on gave me a huge outbreak. I stumbled across this site, and I was floored. There was an entire -huge!- community, all focused around fighting Acne! I suddenly didn't feel alone anymore. I read your articles and thought to myself "This man knows what he's talking about". I eventually discovered you had your own acne products for sale - I immediately decided to buy the entire 2 month set, simply because I could tell you are an honest guy who honestly wants to help people fight acne, not just some greedy company that shells out half-assed products.</p><p>I've been using the Regimen for a couple days now, and my skin has never felt better! I've already cleared up atleast 70 percent, and it's only been a couple days! And the moisturizer makes my face feel AMAZING! It's like a spa treatment! My face has never looked clearer or felt silkier.</p><p>So, I just wanted to send one man's many thanks to you, Dan. I love that there are still honest people out there who actually WANT to help others, not just make a quick buck.</p><p>You have a new customer for life!</p>

    Tom Maine

  • <p>I ordered your products almost 2 months ago & wanted to let you know how great they are working for me! I am 30 years old & never had much acne until I was in my late 20's. I have tried everything from Proactiv to Philosophy & spent A LOT of money in the process but this is the first & only product that has worked 100% of the time for my skin. Your cleanser is gentle, the level of b-peroxide is not harsh, the moisturizer is AMAZING & the AHA is such a bonus! My skin looks healthier & I have had so many people comment on it looking clear & more radiant. I never had horrible acne, just spots here & there but this has taken care of it completely & I saw results almost right away! Thanks so much for your products & your helpful website which not only gives tips but also educates. You have found a loyal customer in me & I wish you and your business all the best success!!</p>

    Leslie Kansas City MO

  • <p>I have struggled with acne for over a decade, and I'm only 25! I've tried every treatment that you can buy in the drugstore, went to a dermatologist and was on prescriptions that require twice yearly blood work (yuck!), tried a very well-known regimen advertised on tv, and did just about every other thing imaginable to try to clear up my skin. </p><p>I finally discovered acne.org early in 2006 and saw the rave reviews of the treatment, so I ordered the benzoyl peroxide from the site and picked up a face wash and lotion at the drugstore following the suggested guidelines. My skin started to clear up! I experienced the typical over-drying and bleached a few towels and sheets (that's still happening) but in about six months I perfected my version of the treatment and no longer had acne (or peeling!)</p><p>Several months later, in June 2007, I was able to be confident in the beauty of my skin on my wedding day, which was HUGE for me, given the years I spent being self-concious about it. A friend who has known me for longer than I've had acne (!!) repeatedly mentions how amazing the turn-around with my skin was and a new friend told me I had beautiful skin.</p><p>Recently I did the foolish thing of changing my regimen, and I'm suffering the consequences. I quickly switched backed to my acne.org regimen and won't stray again.</p>

    Nora Chicago

  • <p>First off, I just want to applaud Dan's excellent regimen. I have had awful acne since I was 13 years old. Nothing ever worked. Not the stuff I got off the drugstore shelf, nor the medications my dermatologist prescribed me. I had given up hope; nothing would ever work for me. I had come onto this website for a few years but had never actually given the regimen a shot. One day I thought "Aw screw it. It's not like my face could actually get worse" and ordered the travel sizes. A dew days later, little did I know, my confidence had arrived in 3 little bottles. I eagerly started the regimen. The first few day's were not as painful as I thought they would be. At worst my skin was a bit irritated and flaky, just like Dan said it would be. Following week, I broke out a little on my forehead, but I pushed through. Now, I am left with blemish-free skin! Sure I've got a few red marks left, but even those are disappearing.</p><p>I'm so happy now. I can actually leave the house without having to put makeup on! I actually just came back from my beach vacation. I cannot tell you how great of a feeling it was going out in the sun (and uhm, meeting cute guys!) without a face full of foundation and concealer.</p><p>So all I've got to say is, thank you so so sooo much! (:</p>

    Samantha Alexandria, Virginia