The Regimen Success Stories

Dear Dan, My son is 15 years old, and has been on every kind of topical acne medication and antibiotics you can name, for the last two years. He also endured painful and expensive laser treatments - which actually seemed to make his acne worse. Nothing got rid of his acne. He had what I would characterize as moderate to severe acne. We decided to try him on your regimen as a last effort before he started accutane. After about a month on the regimen, his face was 100% better. Now after almost 3 months, he just has an occasional pimple. It is amazing. He is still fighting the flakiness around his mouth, but we have hopes that when your new moisturizer is available, that will take care of the problem. Thank you very much!
South Florida
Hi. Im 20 and only had a real problem with acne for the past couple of years and it was really starting to depress me that nothing would help. I tried every soap and every method except for birth control…didn't want to take that route yet. Things were either not strong enough or so strong they dried my face out and made me look worse. My brother had a real problem with acne around the same time I did and I noticed one day that his skin looked really, really clear. I asked him what he did. He said he researched for hours online and found and decided to try the Regimen because he also tried everything (including proactive) and figured there was nothing to lose. He finally convinced me to try it and said that I would see the greatest difference in probably 4 weeks. So I tried the Regimen like he told me to and one week later I already started to notice a difference, then another week and I started getting comments at work about how my skin was starting to look really good. Now it is 3 weeks later and I can't believe it. My skin hasn't been this clear since I was 12. I'm so glad I didn't have to do that birth control thing because it's so easy to do the Regiman…im just so relieved I finally found something that works. Thank you so much!!!!
Helena AL
Hey all! I'm a seventeen year old girl, and I had acne that was pretty moderate--not severe cystic or anything, but very noticible, painful, bumpy, red...the works. Plus, my acne was pretty darn indestructible. I tried Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Aveeno, Olay, St. Ives, the Oil Cleansing Method, drinking eight huge tumblers of water every day, and even Birth Control. Nothing worked. I was in a crazy cycle of treating, not getting results, covering it all with pounds of makeup that clogged my pores further, and repeat. I almost bought ProActive, but heard so many bad reviews I was nervous. It seemed too gimmicky. Then I found! The Regimen was amazingly simple, and I couldn't find a single negative review (for those that followed instructions). I ordered it right away! I'm exactly three weeks in. I normally wouldn't post a review this soon, but I have no blemishes at all. That's right: not a single active break out. I still have hyperpigmentation left behind, but that will clear up soon as well! I only use a very light foundation with skin healthy ingredients for makeup-no more primer, concealer, heavy cream foundation, powder, etc. My skin is flat, smooth, and rather glowy, which is amazing. My complexion has never been this radiant. Not to mention if I do get a pimple, it's small, painless, rarely irritated, and heals in two days! If you're reading this and trying to debate about purchasing: DO IT NOW! This stuff is honest goodness for your skin, and if you obey the instructions you WILL get results. I know how awful acne is, and you shouldn't have to suffer anymore. Now my skin is beautiful for prom and I am way more confident! :) Good luck on your clear skin journey!
About two years ago I spent the WHOLE night looking online for remedies to cure my acne. I was miserable, and consumed by my problem. I stumbled upon your website, and have been totally blessed by it. I love the fact that you had solutions that I could get at the drug store. I watched your videos, bought the products and was amazed at how fast the painful symptoms started to wain. After about a month with the store bough suggestions, I decided to use your products. And I have been even more impressed with the quality of the product itself, and its effectiveness. Thank you thank you thank you! You have a committed customer!
I've struggled with acne for a long time through middle school and high school. Acne really took hold of my life and got me to a point where I would hardly ever leave my house. I started skipping a lot of school because I was embarrassed about my skin. I tried every possible product that is out there and I'm estimating that I spent close to a thousand dollars on medication, creams, anything you can think of. When nothing worked I finally just gave up. One day I stumbled across this website, something about how honest Dan sounded in his videos and the way he described his product gave me hope and I ordered the three piece regimen. It took about a month and my face was heading to completely clear. There is no way to explain to you how shocked I was that something had actually cleared my face of acne. Words cannot describe how much I am grateful for Dan's regimen, and for anyone who contributed to its production. It completely changed my life, and I finally love the person I look at in the mirror. You guys are amazing, and I can never thank ya'll enough!
Hi Dan, Once again I woke up this morning without forgetting to put on 2.5%BP and go out in public with extreme confident with my appearance. I discovered your web pages a year ago when I was an exchange student in Ottawa. At that moment, my face was a complete disaster, and I was desparate from my allergic to Tetracyclin. It put me on mysterious fever for weeks ,before the doctor recommend me to stop using it. My heath became perfect again, but I couldn't dare looking at myself in the mirror as the acne just invade almost every pore on my face. Then I search the website just like many others, hopelessly to find anything that can save me from losing all my self confident....and I found you right at my first click. That evening after finishing reading your pages I was thrilled. I ran out into the snow to go buy myself On-the-Spot 2.5% BP.and start using it right away. I just knew that it wasn't gonna fail me after reading so many success story and the way you show your sincerity towards public. I follow your regimen patiently and continue using BP even when I'm back in my country (Thailand) and also tried to spread the word about your website as well. People here don't quiet believe me much as they trust in going to the doctor so much... I've been to a doctor as well, but I never have a permanent cure on my acne and that's just dangerous to be on oral medicine for too long....But anyway, I continue using BP and I've changed into Gel type as it's the only brand here I can find. My face doesnt' have serious acne anymore and now my skin is almost the clearest I have seen in my life...You can imagine how happy I am just like many others.... I've been following your news on several occassion now and then and your recent move for me is to bring out the new BP Gel by yourself... That's somewhat thoughtful and generous. I also want to congratulate you on that. Dan , it's been almost two year I have known you from your website, but I never actually have a chance to write to you to express my gratitute. I believe that what you have done with this website is perhaps as good as finding a way to save the world... all was done in good faith and you have save so many including me... I appreciate your effort so much for doing this for people around the world... So lastly, May you have a rich and fullfilled life and healthy body and mind always. And I want you to know that you are in my thank you list everytime I pray to god. Millions Thanks to you Best regards,
I just wanted to send a BIG MAHALO (Thank you) to you for your help in clearing my skin FINALLY! Your products are the best and I am sharing my success story with everyone!
I am a 36 year old male that has been struggling with acne and ingrown hair on my face for nearly all of my adult life. You will be glad to hear that after only 5 or 6 days using these skin has really tightened up. The red scarring that I got from picking in the past has been healing right up the more I use the products. Just wanted to say thanks for having enough sense to put this information on the net so people like myself can just stumble accross it and improve their lives..... I can't believe it!! Clear skin at last!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello Dan, I just wanted to take some time and thank you for making me enjoy life again. Like many people i've struggled with acne for quite some time and since i found your regimen everyday i wake up and i'm not scared to look at myself in the mirror. I've tried other products like proactive and visited dermatologists but nothing seemed to really work. Last weekend i went to the beach and had the most fun. My skin just keeps improving day by day and i'll always recomend your products to my friends, god bless you man and much respect.
Thankyou,Thankyou,Thankyou!!! After years of not being happy using oral antibiotics I decided I wanted to stop but didn't have the confidence. Your site gave me that confidence and the routine really works. My skin has really improved so once again - THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Your products are so great! After 6 weeks on the regimen, my pimples have disappeared! I used to break out every month and now that is a distant memory. I went from using the Treatment twice a day to only at night because my skin has improved so much. I use the AHA in the morning in place of the Treatment. I hope you are working on a dark mark/scar eraser for those zits we used to have that are still visible. My dream!! I love these products, I just ordered a kit for my niece and I hope she has as much success as I have had. Thanks, your website is great too.
Hong Kong
I'm 24 this year, and I have been an acne sufferer for the past 10 years. When I started getting acne in my teenage years, the acne mainly concentrated on my back. I didn't get much on my face or other parts of the body. When I was 16, the doctor put me on Diane 35, a contraceptive pill, to battle my acne. It worked wonders, and I have been on Diane 35 ever since, and my skin has been clear, with only the occasional breakouts. In December 2007, I started getting breakouts on my chin. I tried switching to other brands of cosmetics, tried applying antibiotic gels, taking doxycycline (which worked for me previously when I had a chin breakout), using tea tree oil cleansers ... but nothing worked. I stumbled across your website, and didn't think much about benzoyl peroxide at first, but decided to give it a try. I started using oxy 10 and then after a few days, switched to the Neutrogena 2.5% cream advertised on your website. It worked wonders. Acne that I have been battling with for the past 3 months subsided miraculously. To keep up with the regime, I've even purchased your benzoyl peroxide mix. I'm even thinking of using the regime to battle my back acne so I can stop Diane 35 (on previous occasions, whenever I stopped Diane 35, my back acne would come back, even worse than before). I will keep you updated with my progress! Looking forward to receiving the your benzoyl peroxide treatment mix soon!