The Regimen Success Stories

This review is long over due. (no rhymige intended) I have been on the regimen for over 1 year now. 1 year! That is such a huge deal to me, y'all don't even understand. I started this regimen like most, with no hope left. I've had acne since I was about 11, I'm now 21. I tried all the over the counter products possible. Not so much luck. Doctor prescriptions helped temporarily, but still weren't good enough. My jaw and cheeks were covered with painful cysts and bumps. I could hardly open my mouth without it hurting! I had all the drugstore essentials Dan reccomened, so I got to work on my face. The beginning was pretty bad. It defintely got worse before it got better. But after about 4 months, my acne was pretty much under control! 1 year later, I still use my BP day and night (reduced amounts) and now I'm taking care of my actual skin and not just my acne! Thank you for all the great tips and advice Dan and everyone here on!
Dear Dan, What can I say that hasn't already been said before. My story is like to so many others on here. I am 37 (turning 38 on Saturday). I have been battling acne since... well it feels like since birth. And I was resolved to the fact that I would be battling it until the day I died. I tried everything before your regimen. EVERYTHING! I have been on the regimen about a week and a half. In that time, I feel like my life has changed. I feel like I have a new hope that I will not wake up everyday depressed over what has grown on my face while I slept. I am not worrying about if I will be able to go out or how much make up I will need to apply or how ridiculous I will look. I don't contemplate re-doing my make up or not going at all. And I haven't cried looking at myself in the mirror in the last week... now I smile! The texture of my skin has also changed already. My skin doesn't hurt anymore and I feel like a normal person; a person with normal skin. You have done more than cleared my complexion, you have changed my life. You have alleviated this enormous burden of non-stop stress over pimples. I have three words: I LOVE YOU! Thank you Dan! Thank you thank you thank you thank you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!! Keep up the amazing work! If there's anything I can do to help the cause please tell me. I have already started spreading the word!! Graciously and sincerely, Jennifer p.s. my pics are not great. I realize that to many my "before" doesn't look that bad, but that's because I was cooping myself in the house for weeks before the holidays in the desperate hope that not wearing makeup and applying 10% BP around the clock would help. It helped but also made my skin worse in other ways. My after shot was a few minutes ago... not my best look, but you get the idea :-)
Hey Guys, so in this extremely long video (I'm sorry!) I talk to you about my difficult struggle with acne, and my holy grail products that I've been using for the past year which have kept my skin clear. I highly recommend you all to look into these products if you also suffer from acne, and even if you have "tried everything out there and nothing works", then honestly what do you have to lose? I was in your shoes as well, and I am so thankful that I stumbled upon these products, and so I hope I can just help at least one person out there by giving out my recommendation. My board name is <a href="" target="_blank">AutreMonde</a>.
Pismo Beach
I got my first pimple around age 9. During puberty, I seemed to always be dealing with one or more big cysts at a time. I have no doubt that I made things worse by over-using and combining too many products as a teen. I definitely went through the school of hard knocks where my acne was concerned. I was forever trying to cover it up with makeup too, which probably only drew more attention to it. At 18, I was prescribed minocycline, which cleared my face up remarkably. I never had skin so clear and was thrilled. However, the side effects of being on antibiotics longterm were enough to make me stop. A few weeks after I quit, I had the worst breakout of my life. It took MONTHS of dietary changes and supplements to calm things down to a tolerable level. During that time, I went through a terrible depression due to my acne. At some point afterwards, I was put on Retin-A combined with a topical antibiotic, and that helped some, but I would still get an occasional cyst that would bring my life to a grinding halt. I eventually discovered relief with Neutrogena's On The Spot benzoyl peroxide and have been a 2.5% BP user ever since. About 5 years ago I decided to try Dan's BP and AHA. My skin has seriously never been better. These products are fantastic. Nothing calms down a potential breakout faster. I don't follow the regimen, per say, because I don't require a large amount of BP for it to be effective on me. The AHA is in a league of its own in terms of keeping my pores clear and my skin looking young. I will be 38 this year, and even after 15+ years of BP use, plus living in both Hawaii and California for my entire life, I have not experienced premature aging of the skin. Thank you SO much for making such potent and pure products. I am so impressed by them, and really love that they are paraben free. I recommend them to everyone I know who struggles with acne. I don't have any before photos because I never let anyone take any of me when my skin was bad. Best wishes!
Hi everyone! This is an update about my skin care regimen from I started a little over a month ago. Things are going pretty well, hit a rough patch for a week or so but other than that it's working great. I'm trying to keep to the routine even though most days I just feel so lazy that I don't want to wash my face when I wake up!!! However, following the regimen very closely is the most important thing you can do, otherwise it doesn't work...
Niagara Falls
I've had mild to moderate acne ever since high school. I've tried product after product and have probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars trying to get rid of it. I tried Proactive - didn't work. I tried minocycline - didn't work. I tried the Vichy line for acne-prone skin - didn't work. I tried the Neostrata line... well, you get the picture. I've always had to wear makeup because I was so self-conscious about my acne. Again, I probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on that stuff too. So, come this past summer, I happened to come across this website. I was hesitant at first because I had tried so many products in the past without any success; however, I decided to take a chance and order the regimen (the face wash, BP, moisturizer and I decided to the throw in the jojoba oil for good measure). I started the regimen on October 7th and it's now December 29th. Guess what happened? It worked! This is the first time in 10 years that I'm completely acne free! I no longer feel self-conscious about leaving my house without any makeup on. I still have a bit of hyperpigmentation left behind from my acne, but it's going away. If you have mild to moderate acne, then you should definitely give the regimen a try. I started out doing the regimen both morning and night, but I discovered that I only have to use the BP at night and it's been working great (I was paranoid about bleaching any of my clothing). I have two suggestions to anyone thinking about starting the regimen: Invest in a good eye cream because even though I steer clear of my eye area with the BP, I think that it migrates to that area a bit. Also, the BP will migrate down your neck a bit, so what I do once I'm on the moisturizing step is dab moisturizer on my upper neck, then all over my face, and then, starting with my neck (because there's no BP there), I rub in the moisturizer and then proceed to my face. In closing, I just want to say one last thing: Thank you Dan!
I really hope you enjoyed watching how I cleared up my acne & seeing my skincare routine! :)
I actually didn't have much of an acne problem until I was in my 20s. I tried various products with decent results, but never lasting improvement. I got to a point where it was really bad - painful, embarrassing - and I starting searching online for something new. I had used BP before as a spot treatment, so when I found Dan's regimen it made sense to me that using it with a more generous application could work. I found that everything Dan said about the regimen is true: it takes 3 months to see real difference and you might feel like quitting but don't do it! The regimen really works! I still have break outs now, but just one or two periodically; acne is no longer a painful condition that daily plagues me. I also love the products that makes - large quantities for affordable prices made with quality ingredients. These are things I look for in anything I buy and I'm so glad that Dan is conscious of these things with the products he sells.
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Los Angeles
I had acne on and off for 10 years and this is the first time my skin has been clear...I had severe cystic acne when i was 17-18 years old and I went on a round of accutane. It cleared up my skin pretty well but left really bad scarring. I did lasers for the scarring and it was moderately improved. Then, 3 years later my skin broke out again. I was getting pimples after pimples and it eventually spread all over my face again. I was so upset and so embarrassed with my skin once again. I tried everything all over again and no results. I decided to try the regime from because of the great reviews and the down to earth business model. I followed the regime religiously and saw results in just one month. By 3-4 months my skin was about 95% clear. Now i've been using the regime for 8 months and I rarely get pimples! It is a miracle product for me and I would really encourage everyone to give it a try! You MUST follow the instructions precisely! I'm so grateful for Dan and his products, he really saved my confidence!! I am more than happy to write this review for him because the regime TRULY works and you will be amazed with the results! Thank you again!
Sherman Oaks
I started using Dan's Regimen about a month or so ago. Before I started using the Regimen. I have combination skin and am EXTREMELY sensitive. I have a skin condition called dermatographia. My skin frequently breaks out into red, itchy and sometimes blistery hives. The hives are caused by a sensitivity to scratching (sometimes just touching or light pressure). On most days this does not affect me, but since I have struggled with acne, any *picking* I did or anything I tried to do to prevent/treat acne never quite worked. I may rid myself of *some* acne but in the mean time had irritated skin, redness, puffiness, or just broke out more...I had my acne "under control" was never really "great." About a week before I ordered the Regimen I made the mistake of purchasing the wrong foundation powder (makeup). I thought it would be fine, I used it, and I broke out horribly. I guess I had habituated to my old makeup and this new product was seriously adversely affecting my skin. I was desperate for a new product that would clear me up without making me WORSE, first. I came across while reading reviews for a product I saw on a late night info-mercial. The reviews convinced me that THAT product wasn't the way to go but also gave me hope in Dan's Regimen. Within a week I noticed a difference. As I said, it's been about a month and I think my photo speaks for itself! That was taken after a whole day at work when at a club at 11 PM with NO makeup left! It's really just me! I can't remember feeling so good about my skin that I let someone take my pictures, and that close! And with a flash! And without editing it before posting! I was *amazed* when I saw this. Even better, I *never* experienced adverse reactions - I never got worse. I noticed some *slight* pinkness to my skin but it turns out that is my skin tone when I don't wear makeup! Who knew!? I LOVE Dan's Regimen. I recommend it to *everyone*. I am *never* without it. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this.