The Regimen Success Stories

Dan, I have been using 'the regimen' for exactly a year and what a difference it has made. Every morning I get up and am so thankful I found your website. Last year my acne was so bad that with the exception of going to work I never left my house. My face was alive with cystic acne and it was horrible. I had seen several doctors about my acne and they had concluded that the only way to mitigate it would be by taking accutane. With the thought of accutane only minimizing rather than alleviating my symptoms I began to feel depressed. I didn't want to subject my body to such harsh drugs. However, the reality was that I was watching my twenties slip by as I hid my face at home. I needed to do something and then my husband found your website. I have faithfully executed the regimen for a year now and my cystic acne is HISTORY. My self confidence has returned and I once again feel up to making friends and going out. I wish I could tell the whole world about your website. If nothing else I think you should be a candidate for sainthood with the grassroots efforts you have made. Many thanks,
Dear Dan- I am writing to you on behalf of my 17 y/o son. After getting acne in July 2009, I took him to the best dermatologist in our area. By the second month we had tried almost every cream and almost every type of pill except for ACCUTANE which I would not allow to be prescribed. There was always a slight improvement at the onset of the new medication and creams, then it would be as if he were taking nothing for it. Very deep,red pimples and small red pimples on both cheeks and forehaed and temples. Some were like small volvanoes. Luckily, he did not ever pick them since he knew it would become worse. In October we both got the flu and while we were both at home I came across your website looking for help under acne. Within 1 week we started to see marked improvement. He is now almost coming up on 60 days and we are close to being rid of it and under control. He still has some pimples and some red marks but we know with time it will only get better. He did suffer some flaking and redness, but it is much better now. We use the AHA on his back. Thank you so much
The Regimen works! While it may not be a cure for severe or aggressive acne, it definitely lessens the effects making the skin appear more clear within days of starting the Regimen. My daughter was on Accutane two years ago. She was acne free for about 6 months. After that we were back to square one! Very frustrating to have gone through that level of treatment with literally NO long-term results. She began college out of state, so a second bout of Accutane wasn't an option. When she came home during spring break, the acne was worse than I've ever seen it. Very irritated looking skin with large dark red to purple areas with many eruptive spots. (Saturday) In frustration, I got on-line to seek "home remedies" that would help her get through the spring semester until she came home for the summer and we could pursue other options. This is when I found you! I went out immediately to get the over-the counter products recommended. (Saturday night) I had a discussion with her, citing much of the information provided in your on-line information. We discussed how to use the Regimen and how to keep irritants away from her face. I even recommended that she change her pillow case every couple days to keep any residue from haircare products off her face while sleeping. She began the Regimen the following day (Sunday). After two-to-three days (Tuesday), there was a noticeable improvement. By Friday, people who saw her earlier in the week remarked how much improved her skin had become. Because of the severity of her acne, we must pursue other avenues of treatment. However, I do believe that anyone with mild to moderate acne would benefit from the Regimen and anyone with severe acne who is limited or does not have other alternatives will see marked improvement.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I'm 28 yrs old and just recently started to have adult acne. It was starting to effect my self esteem, especially at work. One day while scouring the web for an answer I found your site. It was so honest and sincere I had to give it a shot. I continued the use of my cleanser and lotion and simply ordered your Benzoyl Peroxide Gel. After only a week my skin cleared up! I had a little problem with dryness but once I figured out how to apply the gel and my make up without getting the peroxide near my eyes even the dryness is gone. This stuff is amazing! If you were a public company I'd buy your stock!
I was a bit skeptical at first, after trying so many over-the-counter brands and treatments but I was really surprised at the effectiveness of the regimen. The trick I found was to stick with it and not get disappointed if I didn’t see results immediately. Low and behold, after a few weeks, my skin started to clear up and is in the best shape it's been in a long time. My advice to new time users is to follow the regimen exactly, stick with it even if things look down and eventually good things will happen!
Hi Dan, Thanks a thousand times. I don't know what made you go the extra mile and make this website, but I feel very lucky to have found it. Like lots of others, I never had acne. I never really even had breakouts until I turned 29. I only got it on my chin, and sometimes it was moderate (one honker and a small one), but sometimes it was so bad I wouldn't go out (3 or 4 cysts). I found you about 2 months ago, and I know that I had heard about the Purpose bar last year from a dermatologist, but I had never had anyone spell out so clearly exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. It works like a miracle. I would tell anyone who is just looking at your website, and putting off going to the store and starting your regimen... to pull their sh*t together and start. You'll be suprised how your outlook and self esteem changes when your not worried about your skin. Don't waste anymore time! If your 13 or 30 your skin doesn't have to look bad because of diet or genetics...really! So on behalf of everyone...thanks for helping out and making your fabulous website!
Dear Dan, I started this program 3 years ago, and I am way to late in writing a very over due thank you. I was seeing a dermatologist who was getting me nowhere, and then I ran across your site. It is so brilliantly simple and effective! granted I have had my ups and downs during those three years, mainly due to my habits, but now I can officially say I am acne free! I am so grateful to you and your website, and I am also thrilled that you support the environment as well. so thank you so much,
Orange County
I've been meaning to write and thank you. I have had acne outbreaks for years and could never find anything to help. Before my wedding I wanted to make sure that I had clear skin, so I went on the web. Yours was the first site that I visited, and I am so glad that I did. Thanks to your help I had clear skin on my wedding day....and since then as well.
I was so sceptical when i first saw this site and saw the regimen. it looked almost too good to be true... i mean an inexpensive and easy way to get rid of my acne that i have been suffering with for years now... it just seemed impossible. but i said to myself, what do i have to loose? i followed the regimen precisely as dan's explains it and i started seeing results within days. YES DAYS!!! and after a couple weeks i was almost completely clear! i am so fortunate to have come across this website and i recommend the regimen for anyone and everyone who has mild to moderate acne. it really does work you just have to follow it EXACTLY with the right products and steps.
I am a 23 year old female that has been 2 Years Clear! I would never thought this would be the answer to my acne problems. I thought the dermatologist would be the only one to have the answers to my acne woes. I suffered from mild to moderate acne since 12. I made two major changes that has really made the difference for me. First, I bought the benzol peroxide treatment and I changed my make up to Bare Minerals. These two changes have finally cleared up my skin. If you are searching for the answers to your acne woes, you have to make this small investment- this really is the only affordable solution I have ever come across. All you need to buy is the treatment. You probably already have the cleanser and moisturizer at home or you can find them for fairly inexpensive at the drug store. My regimen is purpose cleanser, the treatment, and Dan's moisturizer or Cetaphil moisturizer. Just try it- its only $10!
Dear Dan, My son is 15 years old, and has been on every kind of topical acne medication and antibiotics you can name, for the last two years. He also endured painful and expensive laser treatments - which actually seemed to make his acne worse. Nothing got rid of his acne. He had what I would characterize as moderate to severe acne. We decided to try him on your regimen as a last effort before he started accutane. After about a month on the regimen, his face was 100% better. Now after almost 3 months, he just has an occasional pimple. It is amazing. He is still fighting the flakiness around his mouth, but we have hopes that when your new moisturizer is available, that will take care of the problem. Thank you very much!