The Regimen Success Stories

Hey guys! So this is my first and maybe only video to make, but I really wanted to share how I cleared my skin finally. The regimen, from is a godsend! Thanks for watching.
East Norriton
To Dan and, Hi my name is Brandon and I am 19 years old. I had acne and first cleared it by using an antibiotic only nightly prescribed by my doc called Benzaclin. I stopped using it after I was clear an tried to transition into keeping my skin clear naturally. I did a detox and my acne was coming back with vengeance as u can see in the before pick (Taken in mid August 2012). I really was frustrated with myself and did not want to be seen in public. I remembered Benzaclin had 5% BP gel in it so I heard about Dans BP and on the video I saw on Youtube the consistency looked the same. So what I did was only nightly since October 22nd, 2012 is wash my face with natural African Black soap, Apply Dans BP, Then apply either Aloe Cetaphil Lotion or If my face wasn't too dry no moisturizer at all. Then rinse in the morning and re-moisturize..Today is January 13th, 2013 so almost 3 whole months and I have been pleased with the results thus far. I just want to say thank you so much. I hope to continue using such wonderful products provided through this site. ^____^ big smile lol
I wanted you to see the difference that this regimen made in my life. I must admit a few years back I was reading about the negative effects of skin oxygenation and I came off of the regimen because of what I read online. This proved to be the worst thing I could have done. After I came off of the regimen, my relationship with the regimen has been on and off for the past several years. It was difficult starting again each time. I tried to get back on it but my skin felt way too dry and I didn't push pass the difficult beginning stages because of the flaking or dead skin that would accumulate. This regimen is the only thing that works for me. I've tried a million other things it seems like, some of which made my acne 10 times worse. I'm back on the regimen, this time for good, and I'm working through the dryness. I just believe that my skin will get used to it and I will be ramped up to the full dosage soon. I don't have any active pimples just hyperpigmentation and brown spots from old acne. Anyway, I'm grateful for this regimen. Thank you so very much, for helping me to gain my confidence again. I've attached pictures. Thanks again,
Dear, Daniel Kern, and all of the wonderful helpful people, Thank you. Thank you for giving me my life back. I've been struggling with acne since 5th grade and have not lived my life to the fullest because of it. I've tried everything for ProActiv to grocery store brand to organic to just water, because I've wanted to get rid of this pesky bumps that are ruining my life. Come freshman year of high school, I stumble upon, and little did I know that my life would be changed forever. My mom didn't let me order the kit, as we are not the wealthiest people, but I saved up every nickel and dime (and penny) to buy myself the kit, and I did it. At first it was too intense, but over time, with a lot of patience (and jojoba), I finally got my skin close to where I want to be. Granted, my skin isn't perfect, but you have given me the confidence to go out into the world and be who I can be. I now have a beautiful girlfriend who I have been with since freshman year and scholarship to play college baseball, and the best friends and family anyone can ask for. Is that because my acne is gone? It is because my confidence is back. Now we still don't have the most money, but let me tell you I have multiple bottles of every product you offer laying around the house, completely empty, with the ends cut off because I love to, and need to, squeeze out every last drop. My sisters use the cleanser too, so that disappears the quickest, although they deny they use it. But how could they not love it. As I'm heading off to college this August, I fear I won't be able to continue the regimen as my family and I must pay hundreds of dollars every month for college, plus car insurance, food, and other necessities. But I'll find a way, because to me the products are a necessity, and this wonderful community has been by my side this entire time. So once again, thank you. I could not be more grateful for what you have done for me and my future.
To, I have been suffering for acne since the age of 12. After trying all type of topical cream it did not worked and even gotten worst. Antibotics have help me and there was an improvement. However, when i go off the antibiotics it flare up again. Accuttane, I have been through 4 cycle of it as acne kept returning each time i stop the using accuttane. Due to the major side effects of the medication, I have decided to stop using it. I was very depressed and kept sourcing for products to improve my condition. I came across this web page and read reviews and success story… This is so unbelievable, i have only started using the product on 6th May 2015 and now (24th May 2015), I'm only left with a little bit of scarring and my face is really smooth. I can't believe it, something is finally working on my skin! I hope that there will be more improvement in my skin with my continue usage of the products! Although shipping fee is really high as I live in Singapore, I still have to purchase the product as it is the ONLY thing that worked after many years sources of the right product. THANK YOU SO MUCH DAN!!
Green Bay
To Dan and, Hi my name is Kate, and I am currently a senior college student. I have never really had a problem with acne until the end of my sophomore year of college. In high school, I would just usually have the occasional pimple here and there but nothing major. Towards the end of my sophomore year in college, had some very stressful courses and was drinking coffee and energy drinks all the time. On top of being super stressed out, it showed in my skin. I began to have all these red bumps ALL over my face, my cheeks especially. I was freaking out because I had never had this before. I tried Proactive, and all the drug store products which NOTHING seemed to work. That entire summer, I was super depressed and didn't even want to go out and do anything because I was embarrassed to go out in public. I had never really been depressed in my life I don't think until this moment, when I would just lay around in bed all day and not want to go anywhere or do anything. My mom had even noticed and just tried to encourage me to go out of the house. One day I even broke down in front of her and just cried because I was so sick of this acne. It was actually not until the day I broke down and cried that I was browsing through the videos on YouTube and found this story of a girl who had used the products and her skin was clear within 6 months. Her story was similar to mine so I just thought well what the heck, might as well try. This system changed my life to say the least. It has been a little over a year now that I had used the system and my face is 95% clear now. I still have some minimal scarring left, but it is 180 degree turn around from before. I normally don't write reviews on anything but please if you are going through something similar to my story try this system! I swear you will not be disappointed!
how i got rid of my acne -
Dear Dan, I wanted to tell you my story, I am a 35 year old father of three and since the age of 15 I’ve been ‘spotty’. My family and I recently moved and on registering with a doctor I decided to have yet another crack at sorting out my acne. The doctor prescribed oxytetracycline which I knew wouldn’t work as I had tried it so many times before. I allowed myself to be persuaded as she said my physiology had probably changed over the years and it may now give me good results. It did very little and with the stress I started to get nasty systolic zits right across my face as well as zits on the top of my head (a new one for me!). Long story short – found your site, did the regimen, sorted out the problem once and (fingers crossed) for all. I wanted to share with other sufferers some things I’ve learned over the years: - Acne sufferers are the healthiest people alive because they assume that breakouts are the direct result of ‘that cake I ate yesterday’. So they tend to eat really well, exercise, drink loads of water. - We learn a deep sense of humility from the way society sees our condition as self inflicted (and trust me, it does!) - We are terrified of cameras and see the proliferation of camera phones as our worst nightmare. - We tend to dress really well because self image becomes very high on the priority list – if we can’t have clear skin, then these jeans had better look amazing - We fall well short of our potential in life or we compensate by being over-achievers (usually both; if you do well at work, your friendship circle is a disaster and vice versa) - When we feel really low, we can’t understand that other people love us and don’t care about our skin. We simply don’t believe them. - When we’re clear, we’re unstoppable, on top of the world with the years of waiting and anxiety behind us, we are equipped to take on anything. READ AND LEARN FROM THIS SITE PEOPLE, professionals and companies will never take you seriously, they just don't understand
I decided to film this video so I could help anyone out there that is going through what I have been through. Intense acne can truly take an emotional toll on a person, this skin care system has changed my life.
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Its been one year and about 5 months since I've started my reimen. My skin is glowing, smooth and acne free.... watch for details!! Month 3 Review