The Regimen Success Stories

Dear Dan, I wanted to tell you my story, I am a 35 year old father of three and since the age of 15 I’ve been ‘spotty’. My family and I recently moved and on registering with a doctor I decided to have yet another crack at sorting out my acne. The doctor prescribed oxytetracycline which I knew wouldn’t work as I had tried it so many times before. I allowed myself to be persuaded as she said my physiology had probably changed over the years and it may now give me good results. It did very little and with the stress I started to get nasty systolic zits right across my face as well as zits on the top of my head (a new one for me!). Long story short – found your site, did the regimen, sorted out the problem once and (fingers crossed) for all. I wanted to share with other sufferers some things I’ve learned over the years: - Acne sufferers are the healthiest people alive because they assume that breakouts are the direct result of ‘that cake I ate yesterday’. So they tend to eat really well, exercise, drink loads of water. - We learn a deep sense of humility from the way society sees our condition as self inflicted (and trust me, it does!) - We are terrified of cameras and see the proliferation of camera phones as our worst nightmare. - We tend to dress really well because self image becomes very high on the priority list – if we can’t have clear skin, then these jeans had better look amazing - We fall well short of our potential in life or we compensate by being over-achievers (usually both; if you do well at work, your friendship circle is a disaster and vice versa) - When we feel really low, we can’t understand that other people love us and don’t care about our skin. We simply don’t believe them. - When we’re clear, we’re unstoppable, on top of the world with the years of waiting and anxiety behind us, we are equipped to take on anything. READ AND LEARN FROM THIS SITE PEOPLE, professionals and companies will never take you seriously, they just don't understand
I decided to film this video so I could help anyone out there that is going through what I have been through. Intense acne can truly take an emotional toll on a person, this skin care system has changed my life.
If you are looking for something to help with your acne, then try
Its been one year and about 5 months since I've started my reimen. My skin is glowing, smooth and acne free.... watch for details!! Month 3 Review
I've been on the Regimen using products since May 11, 2012 and I cannot even begin to explain how thankful I am for giving these products a chance. It was not something that worked overnight nor was it something that came without side effects. Yes I experienced dryness, redness and itching, but at the end of the day, it cleared me. After about 3 months I was symptom free and by the 5 month mark I was clear. I tried countless products from all different companies, but this website has made the biggest difference in my life. If you're going to try the Regimen, do NOT give up on it. I persevered, you can too. You are more than just your skin. Thank you Dan, for everything. Please never discontinue your products! They help so many people.
I have been on the regimen since just before Christmas. I have always had terrible acne, and EXTREMELY sensitive skin. Both my mother and father also had severe acne. I was lucky when I was younger to have Acutane, however now I am in my early 20's and it began to come back full force. It came back slowly until it just exploded last November. I had just begun a relationship, and stress from working too many hours and school was overwhelming. That mixed with the acne, made me become a complete recluse. I made up lies so I didn't have to meet people on the really bad flare up days. I began to get huge PAINFUL and itchy/irritated bumps around my lips, so that I felt my acne with every facial twitch. Finally I stumbled onto this site. The regimen has almost cleared my skin, except for a few small stubborn bumps that come back. I am so greatful! I found myself becoming more obsessed with other "defective" parts of my appearance, which made me stop and think that for once I was confident enough to leave the house without always obsessing over my face. I still wear too much makeup (hopefully I can force myself to stop). What I use: - walgreens brand 2.5 benzoil - neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer - neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser - plus my clindamycin gel For other women: I had an IUD for over a year, it caused me to gain weight and grow coarser hair around my mouth (which I think caused the mouth area erruptions). I had it removed, and am now on daily birth control. My skin and weight has improved.
Hey... i just want to say thank you. Dan you are a genius. if anybody knew the battle i had with my skin over the years with derms potions and lotions and pills from the age of 11-22 (my current age)... this is the only thing that has ever truly worked... I've come off all tablets, and my skin is clear and its only been three weeks! just left with a few red marks... your site has educated me so much about acne, and i tell everyone about you're site! i feel blessed to have come across it and i'm eternally grateful... My advice to anyone struggling with you're skin, try Dan's regimen... believe me i'm the last person on this earth that thought id be able to come off silly tablets that i always relied on for years... good luck! Thanku!
I've been sitting on my laptop trying to figure out what to say and honestly I can't even put my thoughts into words. This product is nothing less than AMAZING!!!!! I have been fighting acne for over 3 years (18 yers old) now and after just 3 weeks I can see that my acne is completely gone and my hyperpigmentation is just about completely gone as well! I love and stand by this product 100% and I wish I would have discovered it sooner. I don't wear makeup to hide my flaws anymore and I can finally look myself in the mirror with confidence. And for that I just want to say Thank you to the team and to Dan for changing my life. I truly appreciate you guys :)
Fountain Hills Arizona
Okay so this is going to be the longest post ever, but I want to share my journey with you. I started to get acne when I was in 7th grade. It was definitely hormonal acne to begin with. But as I got older it only got worse. I have tried EVERYTHING! Although, I refused to get on accutane or any harsh drug related treatments. I decided to try Proactive. WORST decision of my life! If I ever thought my acne was bad before, oh my gosh my face was all red and covered with acne. So I always hated leaving my house because I was SO self conscious about my skin, so of course I loaded on the makeup so no one would no. I used to go home and take off my makeup right before bed wash my face and just cry. It was the worst time of my life. I never smiled, it completely changed the person I was because I didn't feel confident. I would always watch makeup videos and acne videos to still know that there is hope, that my skin would finally clear. One day I was on youtube and on the side it showed a beautiful asian girl and her video said "how I treated my acne for good." I was like oh yeah okay what drugs are you on to help clear the acne? Lol so I watched her video and she was talking about the product called It's a three step system including a gentle cleansing gel, benzoyl peroxide, and a moisturizer. I wasn't too happy about the benzoyl peroxide but I needed something effective! So I read more reviews and watched some other really inspirational videos on how the people got rid of their acne! I was convinced so I went to the website and bought it right away! It came in the mail on September 9th, 2014! So I started the program then and have been using it ever since! The left picture was taken September 9th, 2014 and the right picture was taken today February 22nd, 2015! I appreciate you and cant tell you how thankful I am, you have really changed my life. No makeup on either picture except for filling in on the eyebrows.
This regimen changed my life.
New Jersey
I started the regimen in November of 2013. I had acne since I was in 5th grade and it has been out of control since then. I have purchased so many different and products guaranteeing that it will clear up my acne. They didn't work and by the time I was in 7th grade had cystic acne. The regimen is the only product that helped at all. In the first few months it helped my acne get to a mild stage and since March my skin has been clearing up so well. I have barely any breakouts and if there is, it is not as bad as the breakouts I used to get. The before photo was in October, the after is May Thank you so much!