The Regimen Success Stories

New Zealand
I'm Morgan and I am 16 years old (I started The Regimen when I was 15). I've never had a severe case of acne but I still used to get frequent pimples and my acne scars would never fade. I tried using cleansers and makeup to get rid of/help hide my acne but nothing worked for a long period of time. I came across and The Regimen when I was searching for remedies. I read the stories and talked to my parents about trying the treatment and I ordered my first kit! For me it was a big deal. The kit is actually quite expensive by the time you get all the products and pay shipping (the shipping costs to New Zealand was almost more than the kit itself..) but I have never spent money more wisely. Within the two months I had extremely dry flakey skin and it appeared to be getting worse before it got better but pimples were not as frequent. It's been three-four months now (I think haha) and I only get a pimple probably once a month and it clears up in a day or two. I only need to use the treatment once or twice a week and my skin is so clear! Most of my really bad scars are also gone too. Up to this point I've purchased two 1-month kits and one 3-month kit but they're lasting a week or two more than that. I have nothing but positive remarks about The Regimen and I couldn't be happier with my skin now! Thank you! p.s. In both photos I am only wearing a light coverage BB cream, mascara and have filled in my eyebrows. There's no other makeup on my face :)
I tried everything you can imagine to cure my acne but nothing worked for me, I tried from netrogena to clinique and home remedies but my acne was worst and worst; I came to the conclusion that my skin doesn't like salicilic acid (acne fighting ingredient) and that I had some kind of bad reaction to it. It was until I tried the products that I saw some improvements after just the first week of use.
This review was made 3 years ago when I was 17, I am now 20 and my skin has changed, but using The Treatment is my absolute go to. I no longer feel the need to wear makeup at all! These pictures featured don't look too severe, mostly because I avoided the camera at all costs. Would you want something so inflamed and unsightly staining someone else's photograph? So I only have a few pictures of my face with breakouts, at least that is how I wanted it to be. Also, I'm not wearing makeup in this video.
Hi Daniel, I just want to thank you for changing my life! The last few years I have been studying and doing some part time modeling, but for some reason I began getting acne prone skin. I have trying ALL of the skin treatments out there and I have literally spent thousands on those products and NONE of them really worked... Until I tried your products, my acne literally disappeared in 3 days! I am currently using your face wash, Treatment, and AHA+; it is doing wonders for my skin! Thank you once again! For saving my career and my life!
Hi Dan, I just wanted to thank you for this website, your amazing generosity to not only share your finding, but also make it so easy for everybody to do the same!! I never had problems with acne as a teenager...then i got pregnant haha and again, and again, and again, and again. After having 5 children, my skin was horrible. I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed me with cystic acne. I ended up having a horrible allergic reaction to the antibiotic he prescribed me, twice! I also burnt my skin to the point of peeling with the strong cream he gave me as well... My husband found your page. I had lost hope and i told him that it couldnt be this easy after the pain i went thru. haha He ordered the treatment for me because i wouldnt do it... After doing the regimen for about 2 weeks, I started to see less and less acne, but also, my scars were disappearing. My sister in canada was also having cystic acne. I told her about your regimen and she ordered the kit from your site the same day. she does not speak English, so i had to guide her thru it, and it worked for her and she is SOO happy!!! she is a gorgeous woman... absolutely beautiful, but that acne was destroying that for her.. she felt ugly and unattractive...especially in her field of work! I felt ugly too... feeling that people couldn't see my face because it was covered with red patches. haha we are both so happy... to have our faces back!! and its an amazing feeling. It took me to be 31 years old to feel pretty again. haha I have more compliment about my looks now than ever, and i know its only because people can see me now... i wish i knew about this regimen in my 20's! i am attaching pictures of us both NO acne !!! i dont have pictures of before simply because i was too embarrassed to take pictures.
New Zealand
I started getting acne at the age of 15. At first it did not bother me. When i turned 16 i had terrible acne. I tried a lot of products like proactiv, clean and clear, clearasil, benzac, detox diets, and many more. Nothing worked i became so depressed. I remember one morning i was getting ready to go school. I looked in the mirror and just started to cry and I did not go school that day and many days because I was so embarrassed. Hours after hours of research about acne. Until one day i found a site called ACNE.ORG. And I could not believe the amount of great information one this site. I looked at the videos and read Dan’s blogs. I was so blown away about a man who was so driven to help people with acne prone skin. Once I realized that Dan was selling products I just had to try it. I quickly told my mum and she order it. Once I tried the products it was OUTSTANDING!. Everything was so right so perfect. Well I’m 17 now and I still have clear skin from then. Back then i was depressed, angry, and confused. Today I’m happy not confused and not depressed. I was trapped in a maze for years Dan showed me a way out! Thank you Dan my teacher from far!
Dan your site is wonderful!!! Im so glad I was on the internet that day and found it. Ok I thought there was no hope that I wouldnt have nice skin again. I always had 1 or 2 pimples to deal with but after awhile, I really started to breakout. I dealt with it for a few years. Just yesterday I went buy a store and this person said hi to me and that he remembered that the last time he saw me, I had the chicken pox. I said no it wasnt that. It was my awful acne. He said oh ok but I was glad because it shows my skin was clearing up. and last year, I remember going to a Mc Donalds and the lady at the register mumbled to the other woman "Aww poor girl. She looks like she has a really horrible skin problem. Look at her face!" She probably thought I didnt hear her. I felt bad :( I tried covering up with a lot of makeup, but that day I didn't put any at all. I tried so many products. I realized that if I just follow these simple steps that Dan explained, I was really gonna see a change. I wash my face with a simple cleanser that's not harsh (Neutrogena Fragrance-Free face bar) I use a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. And a moisturizer that Dan recommended as well (Oil of Olay for sensitive skin). I realized that I'm not the only one that deals with acne. There are many people that go through this. I saw many commercials and different advertisements, that just seem so fake. With this site I read about many people and there acne problems and solutions. I get to see them as they go through the process step by step. Thank u all for sharing your stories and information that has helped me too. Dan, u made me believe in myself again. Thank u so much!!! I admire and appreciate how u have helped many people out there!!!!!
There are a lot of other videos about this subject but I want to share with you guys because I have had acne since I was thirteen and I tried everything. Basically, the regimen is a combination of benzoyl peroxide, moisturizing and cleansing. It is pretty straightforward and it absolutely works. 

I have been doing this same regimen for about ten years now and I think my skin looks pretty nice for my age, in large part because I always wear moisturizer with sunblock.
Thank you so much for helping me battle my fight with acne! I've had it since I was 13 and it was going on and off for all the way until now (I am 20). I still have the scars from my previous acne but my face has never been this clear since I can remember! My face was just covered with pimples that now I can even remember how it felt that now my face is super clear! If anyone out there is struggling with acne buy this product now! I recommend it 100% and don't even hesitate because it will change your life! It was the best decision I've ever made. Thanks Daniel!
The works very well on me.
Spartanburg SC
Dear Daniel, I have struggled with acne from my teenage years on. I started going to the dermatologist when I was 14. During that time, I have been on 2 rounds of accutane and various other treatments. My dermatologist eventually told me that I might always have acne. I was so hopeless. I tried everything, literally. After college, I started paying 80 dollars a month for acne facials that did not really work. I have known about your website for a while and found it extremely helpful in rating products. I did not really research the regimen you suggest for reasons I do not know. However, this summer, I ordered several products from your regimen and I have had fantastic results! I have always been told I was a very "good-looking" person when I had make up on. You have no idea how good it feels to be told I have beautiful skin. Oh, wait, you do know how it feels! I am about to order your aha product and I can't wait to get it in the mail!! Thank you so much for letting all of us acne sufferers know about your solution. I thank God for my new skin everyday. This is to anyone who is struggling with their skin- If you are at the end of your rope, try Daniel's regimen! If it worked for me, it can work for anyone!!!
Hey guys! So this is my first and maybe only video to make, but I really wanted to share how I cleared my skin finally. The regimen, from is a godsend! Thanks for watching.