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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) - Reviews

Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

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I LOVE that you added "pray" as a beneficial factor in prevention. Leaving your troubles in Gods hands will definitely help stress! Opt for healthy choices & increase water consumption to keep toxins flushed from your system. Stay away from products with chemicals. ORGANIC, VIRGIN (UNrefined) Oils pack a much bigger punch because they retain all of their beneficial nutrients!

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I wish you would try this for at least a month because "about a week" is not long enough for your skin to adjust to a change in any skin care routine. Do you mind if I recommend a few things that may increase your chances of success? Make sure you purchase ORGANIC, VIRGIN, COLD PRESSED or UNrefined Natural Oils. They pack a much bigger punch because beneficial nutrients are retained during processing. Try Increasing your Castor Oil ratio. My entire family (husband, son, sisters, nieces & nephew) & I are all using a mixture of Organic, Cold Pressed Castor Oil & Organic, Cold Pressed, UNrefined Sunflower Oil. Our teenagers & our acne prone adults require 75% Castor Oil + 25% Sunflower Oil but adjustments were made if dryness occurred. Our adults with oily or dry skin use a 50/50 mixture of those same oils with great success. FYI: We used a Sulphur Mask (Walmart or drug store brand) as an overnight SPOT treatment (ON PIMPLE ONLY) to help our teenagers get through the first few weeks and sometimes Tea Tree Oil (applied directly to PIMPLE ONLY using Q-Tip) during the day. Our teenagers had a lot of tiny pimples just under the skin as well as blackheads & hormonal cystic acne. The tiny pimples improved within two days but it took longer for the blackheads & hormonal cystic acne to clear up. They still have occasional hormonal breakouts but they are less frequent & not as bad. Here are a few other benefits we've noticed: longer, stronger nails & thicker eyelashes so now all of the girls take an extra minute to massage the oil into our lashes, hands, nails & cuticles as well as our face every time we cleanse (2x daily). Also, my husband has recently found new hair growth in his receding hair line so now he makes sure that he massages the Oil Mixture into his hair line at bedtime. I researched this and found that Castor Oil is commonly used as a hair conditioner to prevent hair loss and regrow hair. I also suggest that you research Natural Oils in order to find the best one for your specific skin care needs. Natural oils have different benefits. I really hope this will work for you! Good luck (:

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