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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) - Reviews

Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

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Coconut oil clogs pores. Do not use on acne-prone skin.

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Castor oil is drying, Rose hip oil I think is better left on because it's really good and Avocado is maybe too fatty (speaking from personal experience because I rarely broke out on grapeseed or jojoba oil but with avocado I've gained acne on my neck which i didn't have before.. it is nourishing but maybe too strong.. I think it's better if you use a normal cleanser first and then the avocado but then that'd defeat the purpose of OCM maybe.. Every oil has different properties and levels of comodegenicity but I understand why you want to stop after having a bad run with avocado oil myself.. yes you get a youthful glow but I got break outs I didn't have before although I was stressed.. Now I really want Microdermabrasion, extractions and some peels..

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I read in Paulas Choice that Peppermint is an irritant.. I wouldn't leave any residue of olive oil on my skin but you've got tea tree oil and castor in there so it must be okay. Jojoba is a safe one to apply and leave on because it's pH mimics our natural pH level.

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Great post, everyone should really read this one ^... and I agree with the complaint about the person that is commenting on most of the lower rated posts- it's annoying and you're (person commenting on lower rated posts) only advising people to make their skin worse. Just because it worked for you, definitely does not mean it will work for others (this is like one of the core principles of any medication/beauty regimen).

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I won't try to convince you to use the OCM but for future reference every oil has different properties and levels of comodegenicty.. Coconut is one of by far the worst to put or leave on your face.. UNLESS it's fractionated.. but that's if you can be bothered finding 'fractionated' coconut oil.. Otherwise it doesn't matter whether it's cold pressed/virgin or organic etc.. Jojoba and grapeseed on the other hand are much better to use and you can apply and leave them on the skin as well.. When I oil cleanse I apply to hot facecloth straight away rather than steam it.. Otherwise I love steam when I do a facial.. I hate hearing that its bad for you.. I always feel much better after a steam.. but ofc we should listen to the experts.

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