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May 2, 2019

Sweat is totally different to oil and serves a different function...!

Sundown Naturals : Evening Primrose Oil
March 7, 2018
Fish Oil
March 7, 2018
Green Smoothie
July 9, 2017
Hi yes! I can't remember how long ago I wrote this review, but I have since completely cleared up my acne through diet. The things that have the biggest impact for me are dark, leafy green intake and omega 3 supplements. After 15 years of acne, I now have perfect skin; am so happy! I credit dark, leafy green smoothies the most.
June 16, 2016
For some reason I have had bad outbreaks every month over the past year. In desperation I started eating a strict diet (except my morning coffee) but was still getting outbreaks of spots. I thus wondered if my morning filter coffee with one sugar was to blame. I swapped my filter coffee for a green smoothie and within 2 days my digestive system had sorted itself out and within a week my acne had completely cleared up. I also have dramatically more energy every day. I can actually eat my normal, relatively healthy (but not super strict) diet and still see the benefits. In my smoothie I have tons of kale & spinach, one apple, one banana and ginger. I feel that the main effect is probably from having an incredibly alkaline drink first thing, instead of a heavily acidic one (which also spikes blood sugar and thus hormones). Therefore the digestive system can also function significantly better. I've also found that I can reduce any hint of inflammation by having the above smoothie in the evening (minus the apple for less sugar). Could not be happier! UPDATE: I can't remember when I first posted this, but an alkaline diet and, particularly green smoothies, means that I can go back to having perfectly clear skin whenever I commit to this. So happy. I have suffered from daily acne for 15 years and this is the first thing that has worked for me. I have now been able to quit the pill and have beautiful skin. I find ginger super anti-inflammatory and consume at the hint of any inflammation.
Yasmin : Oral Contraceptive
March 9, 2018