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Would it still be effective if I used the bp gel only once a day for a while? It's drying out my skin really bad and I can't stand it. The bp seems to be working though :) and yes I'm using moisturizer...

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yep, I agree ^

Also be sure you started out with only a tiny bit. You don't want to start out with the full dosage right away. Use like 1/4 finger worth for the first week, then 1/2 finger the second week, and so on. It should take a month or so to get yourself to where you are using the full amount of one finger length.

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:wavey: Morning Dami4n!

I only only do the regimen at nights and find that this is enough for me. However, I would not recommend doing this is your acne is anything more than mild as I don't think it would be enough. But if you maybe consider missing an application every few days to help with the dryness, you may find this enough. And also I am still dry even doing it once a day but if I moiturise in the morning aswell this is usually fine. However, although I think it would definitely help with the dryness, remember if you do this you could risk breaking out and may have to up it to twice a day again!

Good Luck! :D

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When i began the CSR i could only tollerate using the BP once a day for about the first two weeks. However, within this time period, i have noticed a major improvement in my skin, including some areas that were on their way to becoming cysts.

Something that has helped me be able to increase the amount of BP that I use is i majorly cut back, where i was putting only a VERY light coat on my face once a day. Once the dryness got better, i started slowly increasing it. I also found Dan's BP gel is much less drying and irritating than the neutrogena.


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