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okay, stopped crying and needing some insight

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Okay, my acne is more on the moderate to mild level, but is moderate at the moment. The problem is that i had this inflamed pimple on my jawline and attempted to pop/drain it......well i took off a hunk of skin in my frustration to drain the sucker :doubt: not sure what to do.....it's really red and the area where my skin was torn off is very well ugly lol. I put some mask on it just so i didn't have to look at it.....anyway what should i do guys???? Prom is this weekend!!!!! argh! I'm so dumb!

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since you have ripped your skin, I think the best thing to do for now is a bit of neosporin and a bandaid. And just leave it alone.

Please, don't pick or squeeze those things, it always makes them worse.


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Whenever you've gotten to aggressive with squeezing a zit and you remove flesh I would use neosporin or polysporin up here in canada and band aid advanced healing bandages. Leave the bandage on and your skin will replicate at a much faster rate. I've tried it over and over because I can't help picking. The strange thing is is that no one ever suspects that I struggle with acne because the marks eventually fade 100%. The key is to leave the band aid on the area for at least 24 hours and preferably 3 days. So you will have to be a hermit at this time or just say screw it and walk out the door with a band aid on your face. Check it out on amazon...


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