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want a perfect product? (worth the read)

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I have REALLY bad acne, have for 14 years, and it's gotten worse as I got older (I'm 26 now).

The only product that hasn't made me break out, get more oily, feel gross, or have scary ingredients is a skin care line from Japan called Shiseido (acne or "pureness" line). They also make a line for men which I just found out.

I use their moisturiser faithfully.... I can't tell you how neat it is! It takes all the dryness from my face and smooths flaky skin down from scars or old large pimples! It's not greasy at ALL, as soon as you put it on it dissapears and you can't even feel it on your hands. It doesn't actually help with acne, but it makes you feel better about your skin and you can put make up on top of it no problem.

I also use their spot treatment (just has salicylic acid in it) which is great to bring in your purse or for at school/work (it's a tiny little bottle) and I use the oil blotting sheets as well (I cut them in half and use a few every day).

My boyfriend also uses it (he has NO acne) for his face which is VERY dry and he loves it too, which now I have to buy twice as much of the moisturizers, lol.

I reccomend it to anyone with acne (mild or severe) OR dry skin problems for your face, I can't rave enough about it since it's the only thing I've ever found that works!!!!

It IS kind of expensive, around $15-40 USD per item depending where you get it. They are sold at department stores now too (the Bay?), ebay, and different online stores like yahoo.

Just wanted to share this with all of you, if any of you have tried it or do try it cuz of what I've said.... I'll be happy!

Please let me know if you have experience with this products as well, thanks!


Thanks for reading my long post!

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although i dont currently use shiseido moisturizer, i have had great experience with it. i dont use it only because it is a bit pricey. i had never thought about trying to find it online, but i may try that:). anyway, my mom is a loyal shiseido user and she has great skin. i really like shiseido, but am too poor right now :(

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