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I have had acne ever since I was 13 and now im 17 and im about to turn 18 in 3 months. I used stridex pads for 2 months and they never worked for me so my mom finally ordered proactiv for me 2 months ago. I used proactic for about four weeks and my skin has greatly improved and I only have two active pimples/whiteheads at the moment that look like they will be gone by tommorow morning. As of now, only a few extremely light pink/red spots linger on my face. Im pretty sure that the proactic lightening lotion along with the toner and bp have really lightened out my redmarks so that they are barely noticable. As of now my regimen looks like this



nuetrogina oil free cleanser with 2% sycylic acid

proactiv toner (It has witch hazel and glycolic acid)

Full amount of nuetrogina on the spot BP

cetaphil moisturizer


nuetrogina oil free cleanser with 2% sycylic acid

proactiv toner

Full amount of nuetrogina on the spot BP

Proactiv skin lightening lotion

I plan to stay on this regimen for the next three weeks to let my red spots disappear (will this be long enough?) and so that I dont break out anymore and my skin can heal. My skin still looks like crap up close though. My pores always look loose and I have a nice amount of blackheads to go along with it. I just wanted to get some advice on what I should do after three weeks to get my pores tight and get my skin looking flawless. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

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you sound like you have very mild acne similar to me.....I think you should stay on it for the next three weeks like you said and then stop and see if it gets worse. I used proactive a couple years ago and it did work a little but did not comlpetely clear my skin. Time is the only factor that has really cleared my skin as i have been suffering with mild acne for about 4 years and it is now at the point to where i get days with no blemishes at all (lucky days). I say quit after a couple weeks and see what happens. If your acne really bothers (to the point where it affects your daily activities) you then you might want to consider something stronger than proactive such as prescription meds (e.x. differin) or oral antibiotics.

P.S. if that regimen is really working for you then you may want to consider staying on it on a more permanent level because if you get off the regimen there is a high chance the acne you had before the regimen (not a lot, but still noticable) will come back. Just my opinion so good luck with your decision!

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