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hi there,

thought i would make account as i've visited few times and i do suffer from severe bacne for over 5 years now. well anyway i have had a problem with my nose for about a year now, last june'ish i got like a breakout on only my nose on my face where about 4/5 kind of big spots came out, they lasted a good month+ but did eventually go down (made my summer misreble :( ). but since then i have had a red mark on the area where the spots had came which is the tip of my nose :( but also i still have like small bumps on my nose where the spots were as if there still there but dont get bigger or smaller or go away. is there anyway i can atleast get rid of the red marks or/and the bumps? i have got some pictures but not too good quality.

first i thought maybe the red marks not going away cos of drinking alcahol but i stopped drinking for about 2 weeks and it did look like it improved but when i started doing gym/fitness the red marks where strongly noticeable and makes my bumps very noticeable too :( i dont mind not drinking but fitness i enjoy alot and wouldnt want to stop it ehe.

any help would be apprecaited grately, thank you and nice forum

here is some images of my nose

IPB Image

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ehe i wish, the pictures arent clear i will post some more tonight, trust me my skin on my nose looked different from now and im sure its from those spots i got last year, u can see the redness, its like a red circle on my nose

with bumps in it

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haha yeah tried to get pictures in different lighting as it looks different by the lighting.

yeah i do have a really oily nose, how can i stop it being so oily lol would that oilyness be the case of the redness standing out or the bumps not going away or causing small spots to come out now and then on my nose? thanks

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