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I finally decided to start a log

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I'm on Dan's regimen. I actually started it in February but I've been experimenting a lot the whole time. I finally decided about 2 weeks ago to just stick to using Skinceutical's cleanser, Dan's CSR gel, and C&C Morning Burst moisturizer at night and Cetaphil daily moisture lotion in the morning.

I am also taking vitamins/supplements, which you can see in my sig. Cept I'm not taking the Nature's Cure tablets anymore. i ran out and I'm not buying more.

Well, last night I went to sleep with makeup on and didn't wash my face. Then this morning my mom dropped my neice off at my house and I still haven't washed my face.

I never do that...

Ugh. So I feel gross. But its 6:00, so I feel like if I wash it now I'll be out of wack. I'll wait til around 9pm. I'm praying that I don't break out. I haven't really had the guts to look in the mirror today. I don't normally have any active acne, maybe one at a time, and I had a bad one on my forhead yesterday morning. I'm sure that's gotten worse.

We'll see how it goes..

By the way, my sister started on the regimen and broke out terribly. So she quit. I told her its purging and she should stick with it for a while but she refuses. I feel bad, cause I'm the one that introduced her to the regimen.

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Yeah. It got worse. Now I have a matching giant zit on the other side of my forehead. Not to mention I continued to suck at my regimen. But I'm back on it...I hope. I put some tea tree oil on each zit before the bp. I hope that helps. And I never used to get anything on my nose, but lately I've had a cluster of pimples at the end of my nose. Weird..and annoying. They don't seem to be getting better. I recently started wearing makeup again, I wonder what kind of factor thats been. I'm just gonna stick to the regimen and hope for the best.

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How much BP are you using now? You should probably try using a bit more, I think after a couple of weeks that doing that would really help with your continued breakouts.

I use the C&C Morning Glow Moisturizer during the day, too. I was expecting it to suck because I mean, it's freakin' cheap Clean & Clear, but it's really grown on me. The shimmer definitely looks nice on my skin, it moisturizes just fine, and it hasn't broken me out in the couple of months I've been using it.

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Yeah, actually I don't use that much. I guess I should try to use more BP now.

My skin looks pretty good now, but last night I fell asleep during a movie and didn't do the regimen :wall: I hate when I do that!

My sister's skin looks pretty moderate, so I'm trying to start her on the regimen, but I think she has this whole false perception that theres something that's just going to work right away. She has insurance, so she should go to the derm and get accutane (her bacne is very severe) but she's too lazy. I don't understand how you can be sooo upset about something like this and then be too lazy to do anything about it. She says she's been using the Neutrogena body scrub, which is what works for me, but I think her problem is that she doesnt use clean towels and stuff. I don't think I've ever seen her do laundry before....gross! I can't even imagine how much bacteria is crawling all over that bathroom. So I printed out a step by step regimen from this site for my sister and showed her exactly how to do it, even gave her some stuff. But I really don't think she gave it a second thought after I left. That's pathetic.

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