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Help! Would this be okay to do?

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If I were to use Neutrogena Acne Wash in the morning (2% SA) and at night use 2.5% BP would that be okay? Would it be too irritating or anything to cause me more breakouts? If someone could answer me soon I would rally appreciate it. Thanks!

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As far as too irritating or causing you to break out there only one way to find out really. You have to do it.

Just know that using a face wash with SA and using BP will cause you skin to dry out more/more susceptible to be irritated. Reason I gave you no answer is cuz none of us knows if something will break us out or not unless we try.

Everyone got different skin, what causes one person to break out may necessarily not be the same case for the next person.

Just so you know I do use the Neutrogena Acne Wash in the morning and evening and I only use the BP at night. Been doing it two weeks plus so far and no new breakouts for me.

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Almost 20 years ago (I'm 36), I was using a salicylic acid lotion at night that I had to rub on with cotton balls and, in the morning, I was using a benzoyl peroxide wash that contained, I think, something like 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. These were medicines that required a prescription. The salicylic acid didn't seem to be too drying, but the benzoyl peroxide was a bit harsher. To minimize dryness, I washed gently. My skin was pretty clear after about two months. Just be gentle to your skin and figure out a way to lessen the dryness.

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