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Any1 try all nat. ingred. for their face?

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Has anyone used all natural ingredients for ur toning, masks, scrubs, cleansers? I read a book about natural beauty and the author says that people overdue it with their face blah blah blah. Well she gives you instructions and recipes for cleansers,toners,masks,scrubs,etc.. I was just wondering if anyone has tried this and if it worked for you?

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Before you try to use products with natural ingredients, read "Your Skin: An Owner's Guide" by Joseph P. Bark, M.D. You can probably find it at your library. Dr. Bark is skeptical about the claims of the natural health industry. He says that a lot of products sold in health food stores are a couple or more years behind the times.

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I do, I use only 1 lotion on my face its made by Dream Products. Email Denise at [email protected] to get an ingredient, product, and price listing.

I've been using her face lotion for 4 years now and I love it. She customizes the products to suit your skin type and needs. She can add BP, BHA, AHA, or Sunscreen if you desire. She can also make them Scented or Unscented, add more aloe, etc. If you don't like using Borate as a cleansing agent, she will substitute it for glycerin.

I have oily skin and I order the Normal Formula (has 8% AHA), in a Light Consistency and get it scented in Vanilla, watermelon, etc. One of the most affordable creams in my opinion and she does keep it up todate by adding in the right Vit. C and Borage Oil, Co-Q10. Never a breakout from this lotion and all her other products. Well, except her Night Dream lotion, but that's because it was in a Medium consistency or because I'm allergic to Bearberry (small little bumps). She now gives you the option to choose this in a Light consistency, and it really does lexfoilate and lighten quickly!

HTH ;-)

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