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Hey im new.

My pores are so huge i look like i have a thousand tiny holes all over my face. its horrible. I used to have very severe acne wen i was 13-15, but that subsided considerably on its own (thank god). Now at age 19 my face its mostly just red, oily, and....holey... Not sure if thats any better...

Is anyone else like this? What can I do to shrink my pores and smooth out my skin? Would accutane help with the pores or is it just for cyst-like acne?

Any info or comments would be much appreciated.

Thanks =)

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Guest tired of this shish

Do you still have any considerable breakouts? If so, how large are they? If they are still cystic, another round of Accutane will probably do you well since you are a canditate for that legion. You will probably hear a lot of debate regarding this, but I'm a firm believer that Accutane causes scarring which may have been your case. Your skin is extremely fragile and dry while on course and once those pustules deflate, it will leave marks red or indented. This is why it is important to keep yourself VERY hydrated while on course. Drinking loads of water and piling moisturizer.

The only time you should consider trying to reverse indentation and post acne marks is when you are clear or at least under control--you say you are still oily. This makes you a candidate for more breakouts because a lot of the techniques for scar removal involve abrasive methods that might irritate you. Accutane and Vit B5 are the only two methods which I hear around that are most effective for controling oil. If you are clear, consider going into the scar section of the board to learn further--

take care...

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