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Ok so I'm getting photodynamic therapy treatments done, and usually in the downtime im all red and peely and i get serval whiteheads under all the peel.

Well after this treatment I didn't stay red very long, I hardy peeled, but my face is inflamed and every square inch of my cheeks are covered in whiteheads. Everytime I look in the mirror more are there. Is there any natural remedy to dry them out with out popping them? anything? I'm desperate, my face looks terrible and I can feel them there without having to touch them. I tried to pop a few with that careful steril needle and tissues but theres hardly any room on my face for me to do that with out disruption another whitehead next to it! plleeeeassee hellpp meeeeeee

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I have never had photodynamic therapy, so this is definitely not the voice of experience speaking ... but doesn't it sound like those zillions of whiteheads (you mean small pustules, right?) might be due to irritation? If you can just leave them alone until your skin recovers a bit, they might very well just go away by themselves. I definitely would NOT pop them. And I don't think it's a good idea to use any kind of topical to dry them out while your skin is all red and irritated.

So .... I would take a lot of Advil for the next few days to help with the inflammation ... treat your face very gently and try not to stay away from the mirror ...

Once all the redness and irritation is gone, if the whiteheads are still there, then deal with them however you prefer ... tea tree oil, or BP, or whatever your favorite treatment is. But handle your skin with great care while it is in this fragile condition.

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