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Has anyone heard of using tea tree oil to help with acne?

I've been on Dan's system for 2 months and it's worked pretty good but I still break out. And I really hate that my face is so dry and peeling all the time.

I started using tea tree oil instead and it seems to be working pretty good. It seems to actually make the pimples go away unlike the BP, once I got one it was in for the long haul.

I think I'm gonna get some Jojoba oil next and use that too. Maybe this is what I'm looking for.

Oh yeah! Everyone with oily skin! Tea tree oil does a great job of drying up all the oil!!

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I was also using BP, but decided to have a go at tea tree oil and so far ive been impressed, its dried my spots up and took any inflammation and redness away.


xXx O:)

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I've never used plain tea tree oil, but I wash my face with tea tree oil soap from the Body Shop. It is really good-- does not dry up the skin yet takes away the oiliness.

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Do u guys use plain 100% tea tree oil or a small percentage of tea tree oil mixed in with other crap. I used 2 use 100% tea tree oil, it hurt a bit but it dryed up d zit. But now for some reason 100% dosen't work at all, its painful, my skin goes bright red and it usually leaves me with a huge deep pimple. I tried using this stuff which is like 10% tea tree oil in a aqueous cream base, pretty good, no great results but it seems to stop it from gettin any worse.

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ive used tea tree oil daily face wash for 2 years or something, well it gave me a soft skin but i didnt help with my acne (maybe a bit). ive stopped using the face wash a couple of weeks ago. I've seen no difference

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