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which do you prefer, differin or retin a?

i'm currently on differin at night, with benzoyl peroxide and lotion in the morning. i'm quite satisified to some extent. my pimples are under control, but i still get a few here and there, so i was thinking of getting retin-a micro, possibly.

also since i'm at it here, i had a choice to use duac gel, which was prescribed by my derm, but since my insurance doesnt cover brand name medicine, i chose to stick with Dan's BP gel which is a heck of a lot cheaper. you guys think duac is better than dan's BP?

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I haved used Retin-A and Dan's Gel in the past, but now I currently use Differin. I have tried Retin-A in both cream and gel form. The cream version did absolutely nothing for me, and the gel version did clear up my skin a little, but was very irritating. I also used to use Dan's Gel, but up until recently I went back to using Differin. Dan's Gel, gave me great results when the weather was cool, but as soon as the heat and humidity came back, it started only working so-so for me! So far, on my 2nd time around using Differin, things are going pretty good! My skin is becoming less oily, my pores don't look as clogged as they used to be, and my breakouts have started decreasing in number. I have a really big tube of this stuff,so it should last me all the way through Summer!

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A summary of a recent large-scale study of Differin's effectiveness:

Study shows Differin Gel works well in combination with systemic or other topical agents

Pharmaceutical News

Published: Monday, 6-Mar-2006

Findings from the M.O.R.E. (Measuring Outcomes in A Real World Experience) Trial presented at the 64th annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) show that Differin Gel 0.1% is a topical retinoid preparation that, when combined with other acne products, dramatically improves the efficacy of an acne regimen.

The M.O.R.E. Trial was conducted by over 400 dermatologists from across the U.S. to investigate the efficacy of Differin Gel 0.1% as add-on therapy or first-line combination therapy in moderate-to-moderately severe acne. The study also evaluated patient satisfaction and tolerability with Differin Gel 0.1% as part of an acne regimen.

"What's significant about the M.O.R.E. Trial is that many different treatment strategies are represented; therefore the trial is representative of the real world. Differin Gel 0.1%, when combined with many different products, yielded reliable improvements with excellent tolerability and patient satisfaction and can be regarded as an ideal topical retinoid preparation," said John E. Wolf, Jr. MD, Professor and Chairman at Baylor College of Medicine's department of Dermatology and a member of the steering committee for the trial.

Overall, results showed an 86% satisfaction rate among patients treated with Differin Gel 0.1% as part of an acne regimen. A dramatic reduction in comedones and inflammatory lesions (65%) was seen during the 12-week treatment with Differin Gel 0.1%, and Differin Gel 0.1% was very well tolerated by the participants, with less than 6% of subjects reporting any adverse events. The majority of patients (64%) also found Differin Gel 0.1% to be superior to other acne treatments when used in combination therapy.

"The effects of acne can be physically and emotionally scarring and can negatively impact a patient's quality of life. Often, prescribing treatment is challenging because of the differences in efficacy and tolerability among treatments. The M.O.R.E. data provides valuable insights for future approaches to acne treatment," said Dr. Wolf.

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I'm also interested in this topic. I recently started using RAM .04% instead of Differin Cream, which I had used for 3 months but was not completely clear from. So far my skin is purging again from the RAM but I've heard that RAM is more effective then differin. Ask Lionqueen, she knows a lot about retinoids:) Good luck!

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Differin is the 2nd most selective retinoid agonist. In other words, differin is better than retin-a.


that's really cool. i happen to be asian, so this is good stats for me ;)

also ive started on the duac gel. i've stopped using dan's BP gel. hopefully this stuff will work better.

Hi All,

I just wanted to point something out. May be a bit on the negative side but should save you some time and money if it is relevant, though ofcourse it can be different for some people. Anyway. I have used Differin and it did not work for me. That is ofcourse not to say that it cannot be effective for some. The reason it did not work for me is my acne is Cystic/ Nodular so I have spots/ lumps deep beneath the skin which are generally very painful, inflamed and take a long time to heal. Therefore a topical treatment did not work properly and made the condition worse as it aggravated existing cysts/ acne and caused more problems. My advice is if you believ your acne to be cystic or nodular you should be looking at oral treatments such as RoAccutane or Anti-Biotics. I have tried anti-b's and while some may work the effect does not last. I am not nearing the end of the 2nd month of a 4 month RoAcc course and I am seeing improvements though slow and healing of existing spots takes forever...... still i have seen alot of msgs on here stating that the first few months on RoAcc can be a little disheartening but eventually it all evens out.




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