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Clindamycin, hydroquinone, alum and tretinoin - good combination?

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Hi I'm Shy from the Philippines, Here. We have a very prominent clinic for acne, BELO MEDICAL GROUP.

Very popular for celebrities, affluent persons, et. al.

So i tried. I invested my money to buy theor ACNE KIT - mind you, the prize is gold.

one medicine there is their CHAT 2%. (CLINDAMYCIN, HYDROQUINONE, ALUM and TRETINOIN)

I've been using it for a month now.

But my acne turned out to be worse.

I cant help my self to doubt. WHY? Its expensive so it should be the best medicine right? And it was from BELO . Very popular name.


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ive only heard of clindamycin before

dont know about the other three.

i used clindamycin for a while and it really helped

u can get a solution or lotion if your prone to dry skin

really worked

but my skin got used to it and it stopped having an effect.

its good for red pussy spots.

but not so good for blackheads, whiteheads oil etc.


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Guest tired of this shish

Just because it's brand name and expensive does not mean that it'll work. You may be over irritating your skin if your acne is mild. That'll definitely make it worse.

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gosh that is a lot of drugs to put on the face... i think that might be the problem ther so maybe like do the CSR r

regimen or something close to it... gentle cleanser, anti-acne product, moisturizer (can get with aha or spf if ya

want)... it just seems thers so much ther

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