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Hi everyone :), I just wanted to let you know how my skin progress is doing.

Well since I went to my doctor and got some Emo-Cort cream, my rash (irrtant contact dermatitis) has gone down drasticly..really good progress. The redness is a nice pink/ peachy colour now, its not itchy anymore! or tingling!(well not as AS much as it was before) It doesn't sting anymore either after I wash my face! And its SOFT, and SMOOTH to the touch!

I have maybe one little tiny/ half gone pimple by the corner of my mouth, one other one under my jaw on the one side, and one on my cheek..I am not bothered by it, at all. What I thougth my red marks were, were actually supposedly caused by my allergic rash condition. I went to my doctor about it, and he knows his stuff. I am happy with how my skin is improving. The only problem now is my bacne, shoulder acne!! I am using the Neautorgena Scrub on my back, shoulders..and its helping with dead skin and stuff..but its NOT taking away my ugly out breaks I get!..but then again its only been a week, so I shall give it more time. *crosses fingers* I really want to be clean in the back so I can show off mah new tanki- bathing suit :D...

Also supposedly my condition can hurt where it is..like feel achey..I didn't know that..learn something new.

Take care everyone. Wish me luck with my new skin regime. :pray:

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