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My Accutane Log 21/m/Canada

I've been on Accutane twice before, so this makes this my THIRD time on the drug. The first time I was on it, I started with 20 mg daily for two months then was put on 40 mg daily for the remaining 2 months. I was 19-20 at the time, weighing in at about 130 lbs, 5'10" (yeah I'm a little guy). My skin cleared up dramatically. After about a year I started to break out again and went on it again. This time staying on 20mg daily, but only for 3 months. My skin cleared, but its started to come back again. Here I am again, at 40mg daily. Its been 6 days and already can I see results. I'm EXTREMELY dry though. I'm starting to get itchy dry scalp, dry flaky skin. Imagine this.. in 3 days I've washed my face only twice. I know.. creepy. But its been so dry, washing it with anything would exacerbate the dryness furthermore. My lips have begun to chap, contacts not so bad. I expect the dry flaky skin to continue for another week, possibly two and the redness outta go away. This is an incredible drug for those of you considering it. Unfortunately without insurance here in Canada it cost roughly $100 for a months supply of 40mg. My heart aches for those of you in the states where prescription drug costs are sky high. I miss my university drug plan... 80% off prescription meds. lol.

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its been almost two weeks I've been on Accutane, 40mg daily. My skin isn't as severely dry as it used to be, my skin is improving. I think the worst is over, from here on I can expect clear skies. Has anybody experienced dry scalp, dandruff while on 'tane? I've been using Head and Shoulders everyday since starting Accutane, but my head is still itchy. I'm getting my hair cut Tuesday.. I'm concerned. lol.

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