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Deadly Dose

Deadly Dose's Path 2 Clear Skin Using the Unexpected

Hi I am Deadly Dose and I have been suffering from acne from 1 and 1/2 years and it is definately not fun. You get made fun of, cast out of social life, and raely ever can have conversations that are not evolving around your face. So after wising up I tried using all of these below products:

Clean and Clear


Neutrogerna Kit

Pro Active

Anti-Bacteria Soap

And suprisingly none of them work for me. Then my Acne begin to get worst in my 10th grade year.(I am still in 10th grade) I started to get clusters around my cheek, nose, and chin. So I got desperate and one day I read about urine and how its eats and cleans pores and bacteria. So I tried it and may I say my face is 40% clearer than it was. I still have the spots(hyper pigmentation) from where all the whiteheads where but my face is alot less shiny and oily. I do not apply moisturizer or any lotion I just use pee. Here are the things you will need to use for this Regime.

Ingrients to Being Clear

- A Place to extract pee (ie: penis or vagina)

- A cup x5 (You will be peeing out the ass whole, fill cups to the max.)

- Cotton Balls (You will need alot, I use about 12 a day.)

- A Brave Heart (You will need a brave heart if you are to put pee on your face, espically if you do not drink enough water. It reeks of smell But luckly nobody notices it except me.

- Pee x5 (That is for one session. You do 3 a day)

- Towel (Just incase you waste the pee)


The directions stays the same for every session. I usually start by getting rid of those nasty whiteheads(do not do this unless you have really good healing skin.) Then I wash my face quickly with warm water. I dry my face off on the towel and take just one cup of pee out. I place one cotton in the pee and then apply to my face, all over. Repeat this 3 more times. Now here comes the fun part. I then take the over 4 cups of pee out and wash my face with it. (Take your shirt off before you do this. You do not want a smelly shirt.) You can apply it however you want it, just make sure you put all the pee on there. Do not waste a squirt. I gently slap mine on there so the pores can absorb it better but anything is fine. Once all cups have been diminshed, wash them out and put them back up. Do not dry the pee off your face. Even though it may run down your face and smell, do not dry it off.

Once you are done with your 1st session begin drinking more cups off water so you can prepare for the second and third session. Your pee can sit in a cup as long as you want it too. The longer it sits the more ammonia it has in it. That means the more it eats at bad bacteria. I tend to leave my pee in my cabinet over night so i can have a good morning session. Each session requires 4 to 5 cups of pee. Drink lots of water. You may feel free to break the eight cup limit. Anymore questions asked.

Waring- If you start to develope multiple cysts from this please regime reduce your usage of urine to about 1 cup per session. Also use some scrubs and medication lotin to help get the excess oil from your body. I have encountered this promblem. But please do not let this warning scare you, this may not happen to ue.

My Journal

Sunday (5-7-06)- The Cysts Strike Back

Today I woke up and went into the mirror. Wooh I felt a relief. I could finnally see some good areas of skin. I then took a little look closer and I found that hair had begun to grow around my pores. (Thats even better). I haven't had tp many pimples persay, they have all seem to vanish leaving me with hyperpigmentation, but they have been leaving faster due to the amount of urine I put on them. (An astounding 10 full Cups). Then the cysts came I am sure of it. At about 12 aclock today my nose started to hurt. I already knew what time it was. Cyst always seem to show up on my nose and they always are truly noticeable. Now it is 1:57 and I am struggling to stop this cyst before it makes it way to the outer surface. Right now I have a face mask on it to asorb the oil. I guess all these cyst that have came up are from the amount of pee that I have been putting on there. So right now it is 1:59 and I am updating this topic, placing this warning lable topic.

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Okay I am going to bump this, I do not know if people take this seriously or not, but for the people who will, they need to read this, becuase it works.

~Deadly Dose

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Good luck!!!

Anyone that brave deserves good luck.

I dont think it's a joke.. and reading it I dont consider it that disgusting, but I know i would NEVER be able to do this..mainly because I am already paranoid enough about being too close to people..Id hate to be scared people will study my crappy skin ANND smell piss. ew.

I think people would pay more attention to this if you post some pics.

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