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Gilbert's Syndrome

Hi Guys!

I'm a 20 year old girl and I've been struggling with acne since I was 12. A few antibiotic-treatments have cured my bacne and have made my face acne a lot less worse, but still I'm struggling, and I'm never totally acne-free.

Also I have Gilbert's Syndrome, which is a very common liver disease. A lot of people have it but never know about it because it doesn't really cause a lot of problems. Gilbert's disease is actually a disease which makes your liver a lot weaker and makes it more difficult to get th epoison out of certain foods, which causes your liver tot make more Billirubin in your blood, which can cause fatigue amongst others.

When I was little I couldn't eat any of these foods (tomatoes, eggs, black tea, coffee, cola, chocolate) or I would get seriously ill. After a while I could handle these foods better. I thought.

But I've been thinking about it and my acne actually began when I started eating these foods I actually wasn't supposed to. So the last two months I've been following this diet again and low and behold: my acne is clearing up dramatically! (Also because I've given up dairy... it seems I'm lactose-intolerant).

SO I suppose that the foods that used to make me really ill, now give me a reaction in the form of acne.

I'm telling you this because A LOT of people have this disease and don't know about it... I would suggest everyone to try this diet (couldn't hurt anyway :-) ) or get a bloodtest and test your amount of billirubin in your blood...

Does anyone else here have Gilbert's disease and know about it?



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SO I suppose that the foods that used to make me really ill, now give me a reaction in the form of acne.

In a related way I've found this to be true for me as well. I grew up with horrible allergies and found many foods to taste horrible. My mother took me for allergy tests and lo and behold most of the foods I detested were also the ones I was allergic to. I had an allergy to many things including dairy which is common, but also uncommon ones like beef. I didn't test as allergic to wheat, but I didn't particularly like bread. Strangely, I didn't even like sweets.

As I got older I became less picky and sensitive and I started eating all the foods I used to be allergic to. Well now I know that many of those offending foods are the very ones that give me bad acne. If only I had stuck to my original food preferences, I would have saved myself from years of acne.

I assumed I have a weak liver since I think that is related to having allergies and such. I know I was jaundiced as an infant, but I believe this is pretty normal among breastfed infants.

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I know I have it because it's genetic --> if one of your parents have it, you have a 50% chance of getting it. Gilberts disease may sometimes result in a permanent state of mild jaundice, even though some people get spared of that.

Since my dad has Gilberts disease, they immediately tested my on it when I was a few months old and started getting horribly ill after eating particular foods (When I was little and I had been ill, I had to live on toast and apples for a few weeks until I was better.... I got it really bad).

But when you get older, the only way to know really is to try the diet and see if it helps, or get your blood tested.

Strange that you say you didn't like sweets... do you now? Because I have never liked sweets, not even now.

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