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Strange bump

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I have very mild acne but about 6 months ago I got a massive pimple on my forhead. After a while it went hard and changed to the color of my skin. ( i.e not red ) Its still there 6 months on...just looks like Ive bumped my head and theres a lump. V.strange...any ideas on how to get rid of it ? starting to anoy me. Its not a spot, it just looks like a big lump.

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I have them too. At first I thought it was a cyst. But it never came to a head or anything. It changed to the colour of my skin. I have a few like that and have no idea what they are. One in my eyebrow, one on my forehead, one on my chin and one on my cheek.

Can anyone help us lumpy folk? :shock:

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I know what you are talking about except it happens right beside my eye, it is my skin colour but its just a bump, our crazy bodies :lol:

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I have such a thing too, in my neck.

I think it's a cyst that's underneath the skin and can't go out. At least it's different from other cysts I've had before. But drdeadly: mine had been there for over 6 months too. At the moment I'm taking Silicea, a homeopathic medicine. Now it looks like it's getting smaller.

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I have the exact same thing. I have very mild acne yet I get these lumps that are so far under the surface they stay there forever and never come to a head. they don't even hurt, but they are noticable. The only way I have found to get rid of them is to go to the derm and have them injected. It goes away pretty instantly with the injection (by the next morning), but depending on the size you might have to go twice.

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im feeling the same pain as the rest of you. i have one on my forehead, and two on each side of my nose up next to my eyes. very... very unattractive and disfiguring. i've been on accutane for three months and have seen little improvement with this.

these have definitely been on my face for nearly six months as well.


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