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bleached clothing

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My coolest new shirts keep getting bleach spots on the collar. do you guys only wear white? i try to put shirts on before i put bp on sos not to touch my skin and i wash my hands good, but i keep ruining shirts.

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If you can help it, don't put BP on your neck or under your jaw line. Also, I stay away from purple or dark blue shirts because, even without BP, my skin acid? turns them a pinkish color. The effect is worse on cotton or lower qulity clothing. I do have one dark purple shirt made of rayon and stretchy stuff that hasn't been effected. It's mainly cooton that can't withstand the BP. Also, you may consider wearing a white undershirt to help keep your skin off the dark fabric.

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It might have nothing to do with BP. I have had multiple shirts ruined, long before I ever tried the regimen. It could just be the type of fabric. You could try dry-cleaning them, or buying a dryer-only product at your supermarket. I personally use clearasil with BP, and I'm positive it has never bleached anything, if that's any help.

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I think it depends a lot on the type of fabric and the type of dye on the shirts. I have 2 shirts that I wear around the house only now because they're bleached all over. I think they get bleached even from the BP vapor or something. My other shirts never get bleached.

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