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Need some advice, help or suggestion

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Some intro on me.

First time i post in this forum, im a 25 year old male and a few days ago i did a search on google and came across this site. I have ordered the products required for the regiment but i have not started on it yet. I have been using centaphil and neosporin for the past week morning and nights. I had acne in my teenage years and never did anything about it. Still my acne wasnt severe but it was noticable i guess. Now at 25, i have a very sensitive skin and my facial hair just grow where they feel like. My left cheek is ok, but on my right cheek hair grow 1 here 2 there and 1 there and so on, you know what i mean.

Anyway, this last month, i have had a red blemish, red patch area, i dont know how you call it. when it gets dry, skin peels off and i can see it. the thing is, it itches so bad that sometimes it drives me mad and i want to scratch it. Its very noticable even when i dont shave. So, when i shave i do it around the evening on days that i dont go out and use Vaseline Intensive Care-Total Moisture dry skin lotion. It helps with the itching, even tho when i put it on it burns a little. after a while the redness fades a bit, and the next day after ive slept on it the redness is barely noticable i dont think anyone can see it except me. Still i would like to make this thing dissapear and i would appriciate any advice or suggestions from people that know more about skin care than i do. i might post a pic or 2 later on how it looks like, right now i have used the lotion and it has kinda gone away.

anyway, here are some pics of how i look like

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

PS:some mode move this to the proper section if this isnt the right one, my first post here

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Guest Spike Rose

I can't see it. I would go to a doctor.

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I like your eyes :D

I have two suggestions you might want to try. Tea tree oil or this Aveeno cream for itchy, dry skin.

This is a link to show you the Aveeno cream:


That website is cool because it has feedback from other people who have used the product.

I hope my suggestions proves useful and I apologize if it wasn't beneficial.

-Erin <3

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