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is clear skin just around the corna for me???

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my story:not had acne as long as sum of you poor souls on ere....

but had it since i was 12, get the i was nearly obese at 12 years of age, i started to loose weight (diet ), thn after a week of diet and loosing weight acne hit, so thn i was 13 with cyctic acne on back and face, but fit and healthy.......

im now 15, 4 mouths from being 16 and on day 50 of roaccutane.........

dosage: 40mg weight: 80kg

side effects: dry face, lips, nose.... i apply vaseline like once a day on my lips and inside of nose and im ok, dont even mosturize face, isnt that bad really...

very dry hands and arms, i appply mosturizer to that, and DAM it stings....

i reckon im gonna ask ma derm to up ma doseage becos im still breaking out just not as mutch........

i just feel from all the success storys that it could finally be coming up for me, i no that one day in the nxt 2-3-4 mouths al look in the mirror and b clear like every1 i no............. :D

i pray to god.....al update after ma derm appoinment....

nxt thursday...

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ive always been scared of acne medication incase it made my acne worse before better

an all the side effects!

i hope ur appointment goes ok

but jus remember that acne wont dissapear instantly.

mayb u dont need a larger dosage u jus need 2 maybe wait a bit more?

i duno tho to be honest as ive never used meds

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Guest nec77

100mg doxycycline and tretinonin 0.025% cream have cleared me up in like 4-5 months. Now im off both of those- i got back up refills if I ever need... and just use cetaphil bar soap in morning and at night. And so far my skin has stayed clear.

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Hi Cobby! You'll have your clear skin one day soon! To shed some light on your situation, I know two people that took Accutane for their cystic acne. One being a very good friend of mine and another being my cousin.

My friend-

He had cystic acne as a teenager, brought on by chicken pox at an older age. So, he took one course of Accutane and his skin is really beautiful now. I can't even tell he suffered from bad acne. Hel ooks great. Plus, he's 30 now. So, he's been clear well over 10 years.

My cousin-

He's only about your age, 15 years old. Unfortunately, he had acne all over his face, neck, back and chest. It was cystic acne as well. He went on one course of Accutane and he's very clear. Once in a while he'll get a couple of very small pimples on his forhead, but nothing to worry about. That may happen anyway, to male teenagers that have the most perfect of skin since your bodies are going through major hormonal changes at your age... puberty.

So, keep your chin up and your hopes high! Clear skin is right around the corner for you! Good luck! :)

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yep one day in the nxt few mouth al post my ""COBBS FINALLY GOT CLEAR SKIN""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THREAD

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Yes be patient. The first months are the toughest.

I had really bad breakouts the first 2 months then slowly my skin cleared. By the third month I looked pretty good. Your doctor should wait until the 3rd month before he ups your dosage. That's what my derm did and she didn't have to, and thank God b/c my skin got so dry, I don't think my body could have handled a higher dosage.

I finished my 5 month course 2 months and my skin looks great. Be patient, I know it's really difficult. I went through hell at the beginning, but the last months are easy to go through since most people don't breakout at the end of the course.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE moisturize your face. DON'T TAKE THIS LIGHTLY. I did the same stupid mistake and my skin got better when I started moisturizing. IT'S A MUST. Believe me you will have less breakouts when you start moisturizing. too much dryness causes breakouts. Your skin goes on emergency mode when is too dry and it will produce more oil and therefore breakouts.

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dint no that mert, will do,

cos woke this morning with 3 new spots.....just pissin me off init,

am nearly 2 mounth in swelll...

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