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Summer sun and red marks

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So summer is coming, i just wonder whether the change in weather has any effect on your acne (esp. those who live up north). To me, my skin is always great in the summer, nearly flawless

i always have tons of red marks in winter, but i think the summer sun helps my skin a lot, it actually burns the skin surfaces cells, therefore allows new skin to form. its almost like an exfoliation of your skin. I notice this because i just finished looking at pictures that i have from last winter & summer, there's a huge difference in my skin, and its not just cause i got a bit darker

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Hmm... we don't really have a winter down here and it's always sunny. My red marks don't seem to look very good no matter how much sun I get.

Hope summer treats you well though.



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I dont claim to be an expert on this but every dermatologist that Ive seen has told me to be very careful about overexposure to the sun. They have said that while its tempting to get a tan in the summer b/c it makes it seem as though my skin is better, its actually doing more damage(long term) than good. Regardless of your acne and redmarks anytime you burn you are damaging your skin. I highly suggest that you use a moisturizer with and spf of 25/30 during the summer. Even if you have a dark complexion. I always have to fight my father, who is dark brown skinned, b/c he says he doesnt need it at all. My last derm who is a black woman told me that yes even dark complected people need to use sunscreen.

Again, I could be wrong and so could my derm but burning is never ever good for anyone.

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yes i agree, burning is always bad - it will lead to premature ageing and likely melanoma.. but moderate sun exposure is excellent for the skin and general good health. since i moved from auckland (rainy/cloudy most of the time) to sydney (sunny/warm all the time) and started working on my tan.. my skin is soo much healthier and my mild bacne has totally cleared up. obviously overexposure of anything is bad but a little bit of sun has been so beneficial for me i would recommend it to anyone.

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