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Hey guys, whats some good makeup to use WITHOUT being noticed (falling off my face), and without breaking out. What should I wash my face with after taking it off?


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Are you meaning foundation/concealer? Anything oil free is good.. a lot of the time it depends what type of skin do you have. Apparently Revlon Colourstay is good.. however there are a LOT of oil free foundations made by LORAC, Revlon, Neutrogena, Mary Kay, Bobbi Brown.. and different things work for different people of course. A good way to see what worked for other people would be to go to makeupalley.com and look at the product reviews, and search the words 'oil free' or 'acne' in the product names or review text :) And when you take makeup off it's good to use one of those cleansing clothes that clean, remove makeup and tone all at the same time (a really gentle one) and then clean like usual, hope that sorta helps :angel:

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Let me know how it goes yeah? I wanna know what you start using. I haven't found a perfect one yet (I rarely do the makeup thing in the day, just when I'm going out.. I use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, I don't know if it has oil in it or not though.. I don't know much about things like cyclopentasiloxane etc.. and that's what most of the ingredients look like. Big words that don't mean much to me. I know it has jojoba oil in it, but.. it's hydrogenated, what does that mean? I dunno. Best to use products that have 'oil free' in the name lol

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