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Is it ok to take protein while on Accutane?

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Hey guys,

Hope everything is going well with your accutane courses. Mine is going great! I am actually on week 3 and have 3 or 4 active pimples left :) When I started, I had over 30 active pimples, so I am really happy about the progress.

Now to my question, I am working out and want to take protein supplements with vitamin A in it : / The nutrtition facts say:

Vitamin A 90% (50% as Beta Carotene)

I will be taking this stuff like 5 days a week or so. What do you guys think? Is it ok?

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ok, i will keep that in mind, but if possible, i want to use the protein i have first before i buy some more. I hope 90% Vitamin A is ok. I mean its about how much one should have daily (90%), so i am thinking its ok. I am not consuming abnormally high levels (i dont think). Someone correct me if im wrong.

But hey, a weird thing is ever since I started taking the protein with Vitamin A, I havent broken out with a single zit. It is great! I usually get 5-10 whiteheads a day. Perhaps its coincidental, but I highly doubt it. I always break out. I believe the extra Vitamin A is complementing the Accutane, as Accutane is really just a Vitamin A derivative.

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Let's say you're on 40mg a day of 'tane.

If you take that, and a protein shake containing less than your RDA of Vitamin A, you're still going to be consuming less Vitamin A than someone on 60mg of accutane...

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i asked my pharmicist the same question..can i take protein while on accutane?

he wasa kinf of clueless but i brought in a label of my protein..I take Optimum nutrition too as some one earlier said and he ok it....you can just take ya protein to the pharmacy and ask them..

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If that is that big of an issue take isopure, it tastes great, no vit-a, and dissolves clearly in water, I could never drink whey protein, but this isopure is awsome stuff it tastes like tang, or koolaid, no joke


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