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I am now 21 and have mild acne. For as long as I can remember, I have always woken up to red marks, a minimum of 5 active pimples, and a minimum of 2 new ones every day.

I've tried a lot of things, but have never been to the derm. Back in high school I used Nature's Cure with lots of success (I was plagued with forehead only acne). And for a few years afterward, my skin subsided and it was alright. But, when I entered my 20's, I think my hormones went out of wack.

I've gotten two facials, both from different aestiticians. They both said I have dry, or dehydrated skin, and one of them told me that my acne was hormonal.

I get lots of pimples on my lower right cheek and chin and a lot at my left temple. Then interspersed throughout my face I have lots of tiny red dots. Mostly on my cheek and sometimes in between the eyes (I HATE those).

I read the Skin Book by.......someone......and my skin is slightly dry, pigmented, tight.....and I forgot the fourth one. Anyway, I didn't think that book was that great. It was good, but just alright.

So, I'm going to start a new regimen:


1) Wash face with powdered milk mixed with Cetaphil Liquid Cleanser

This doesn't dry out my face (for once!) I don't even have to put on moisturizer afterwards.

2) Appy white tea toner (just white tea simmered in some hot water)

3) Sunscreen = Shiseido Sunscreen stick......(great stuff, high SPF and doubles as a concealer)


1) Repeat morning regimen

2) Spot treat with a paste of aspirin, neosporin, and aloe vera gel

I've been doing this for two days so far. I think I'm liking it, but we'll see!

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Day 4

I've got to say, I am really liking using the powdered milk as a cleanser. It makes my skin feel smooth, moisturized, and healthy. I like how I don't have to use a moisturizer afterwards. I've always wondered which moisturizer was the best, which one would clog my pores and break me out, and now I don't have to even worry about that because I don't even have to use it!

I remember one of the aethiticians (she studied at some university for holistic health or something...) told me that vitamins and minerals are more effective when they are applied topically versus ingested. So, maybe that's why the powdered milk is working? It has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it.

So far, I haven't gotten any new pimples. The red marks I have on my face seem to be turning pinkish (from a previously brownish color). I dunno if it's the powdered milk, the white tea toner, or the spot treatment, but whatever it is, I'm pretty satisfied with the results so far.

I think the spot treatment (a glob of neo and then aspirin + aloe on top) is helping me a lot. I put them on my red marks and any old pimples I have at night and go to sleep. This morning, some of my red marks SEEMED lighter (not sure if it was because of the lighting) and the pimples that were raised had flattened but they were still sorta red.

I still use my Shiseido sunscreen everyday. It has titanium dioxide in it which is supposed to be good for some peoples' skin.

We'll see how this goes.....Update later.

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