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i noticed these last 2 weeks i have been so stressed and upset about stuff at work an my whole jaw broek out so much that i have a whoel in the zit from tryin to pop it and its so red ,,its a patch that i thinkn spred

i tried BP but its not workin right now

what do i do to heal this thing and the redness,,,i even tried neo

what do u do when u know u r stressin to stop this?

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if u use alot of benzol it might leave red scars like me use salycic acid also try using a green mask once a week. Look for lotoin with alot of vitamin e

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yeah, i had been clear for about 2 weeks, then i had this 10 page research to do in like 3 days, i was stressing like crazy, and i got like 3 pretty big pimples on my face (and 1 on my leg and 1 HUGE one on my ass).

the only thing i did was up my usually 2-3 drops of tea tree at night to like 4-6 drops, and increased my aloe by alot. the things you can do for stress is very limited, like take anti depressants or something.

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thanks guys

actually when i use tea tree or SA i get rashy and red...im to sensitive,,,i use BP but sometimes the pimple is so deep it doesnt seem to work..

i herd VIT E can actully slow down process of scar healing..its in the cosmeticcop.com site....its why im stuck on what lotion to use

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The only thing that works for me is to stop stressing. Easier said than done, but I find that if I'm breaking out due to stress, no amount of BP or anything else will stop that breakout from happening. It will cease on its own when I relax.

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

is there ways to relax.?? what do u do to kinda calm the stress??

I drink herbal tea's such as chammomile to relax. I also listen to some soothing music when i feel on edge. Have you considered yoga or meditation?

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im not really sure how to do yoga or meditate,,,icant afford classes..

i was interested...i really just want to do anything to help the stress

is camomile tea that good?

i know iwas told to also take primrose pills for hormone acne

i have a mix of both causing acne

i herd VITAMIN A moisturizer is good...

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