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4 month couse of accutane

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Im on my last month of accutane and my derm told me that this month is the last. I never heard of a 4 month course before i usually hear 6 months minimum. But i guess my derm knows better than me. It maybe also because im on a high dose 80mg but i am 6'2 and 185. Did anyone have success with a 4 month course and did your acne come back right away?

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My derm told me today that its a 20 week course which is 5 months... but i have seen people on here taking 6 months... i think u should ask him to take an extra month.. u dont want to lessen your chance of it being gone for good... how do u look? are you clear?

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My Derm said, for a high dosage, in other words the highest dosage for your weight

a 4 month course is prescribed. For a low dose a longer time is prescribed like between

6 and 9 months. I think it also varies country to country. I'm from South Africa,

I think derms in different countries have their norms for prescriptions of accutane.

But while on your course I think a good attitude by your derm would be what Penquin

Lancer mentioned ' Is my derm the only one who said my course is dependent on my

progress? ' ( I havn't figured out yet how to use the insert quote thing!) :eh:

They should be willing to change the dosage and period of time on it should it be

necessary according to your progress or no progress.

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