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I love CSR Gel!!!

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I have been using Neutrogena Clear Spot as part of the Clear Skin Regimen, but it sucked that the stuff was always clumpy. So I used my friend's rejected Proactiv Lotion and I really like how smoothly it went on, but I hated that it smelled so strongly and it made my face a little red (probably from all the perfumes and stuff in it). I was running low on that stuff so I decided to try Dan's CSR Gel.

First of all, the stuff came immediately (I think 3 days from when I ordered it and I ordered it on a Saturday). Secondly, I could not believe the size of the tube...its huge! Additionally, this stuff goes on sooo smoothly, no clumping whatsoever, no redness and it feels light. I love this stuff and am officially addicted:)

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yeh what the hell! im from australia and i received my package of CSR gel within 3 days of dispatch!!! awesome, the stuff is awesome too. I had been using proactiv before and that stung and got itchy occasionally, but this new stuff is great!

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I feel like crying... I bought dans gel and where I thought I had no chance to impress this girl I love... now with acne under control, I have other girls interested in me and the love of my life may just be mine.

Dan you have given many men hope where there was none... may god reward you incredibly.

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Wow! How lucky am I that I stumbled across this website. Not only the CSR gel, but the whole regimen itself has changed my life. My boyfriend can't stop telling me how great my skin looks. I had known that bp was effective for me as I had used the 10% stuff before and had had success but since my skin was always irritated I would quit. Then I used Proactiv which is BP based as well, but the perfumes and the medicated cleanser also irritated my skin. I am so glad Dan figured out the right proportions and exact regimen, because when I follow it as he says I am seriously clearer than I have ever been! I love CSR gel and Dan:)

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