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Have you guys noticed that ppl live in colder & drier weather are more prone to have acne?

I mean, seriousy, look at ppl who live in warmer places - there are not as many ppl who have acne (only usually mild).

I started breaking out when I moved to my new place (apartment). I did have mild acne before I moved there, but it was so mild that I didn't even care about it (I didn't use any cleanser or moisturizer) My new place is VERY dry.

So I went to buy a humidifier check during the weekend & I noticed that it says 20% in my freakin' apartment.

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yahyah, your just an idiot.

It depends on whether your acne gets better from some foods or gets worse because of it. But some people will get acne even if they eat the purest food in the world.

Humidty and dryness can affect acne, so can many factors. But I feel the most important thing is skin care. It seems that some people have certain factors i.e increase sebum, more prone to inflamation(the bodys response to the bacteria to try and heal it), more sensitive to certain conditions i.e dryness or humidity, and certain foods.

Yes a healthy diet can make your skin look better and if you skins oil production is linked to lack of vitamins or a g.i index then that is correct too. But dont lose sight of the fact that you can try and prevent the acne from developing in the first place. Through unblocking your pores, killing the bacteria and getting rid of excess dead skin cells so they dont clog your pores.

Dans regimen is very good at this, I would just add a alpha hydroxy acid product in toner or mosturiser(which he recommends anyway) to unblock those pores, as b.p doesnt unblock pores as well as that.

Thanks :D

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Yeah I think my stupid apartment irritated my skin.. so my skin started to produce more oil........

Before I had breakout, I didn't even wash my face with any cleanser and my mild acne just stays very mild. lol

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I've had the opposite experience ...I live in Florida, and I think the people here have way worse skin than people up north. Sun damage begins very young, pores are usually larger due to the humidity, and acne, when it occurs, is generally more severe. :eh: That's just my experience, though.

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