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ok.... so over the past two years i think that i have been one of the most selfconscious people about taking my shirt off... so my father is a doctor and has been giving me medications over the years for my acne. well its cleared up on my face which is a pretty big help, but there's still my extremely bad back full of acne. so i've been on minocycline, twice. benzoyl peroxide cleansers four times, proactive once, tretinoin cream twice .025, and . 05 about three times, and been on doxycycline for two years. I'm a seventeen year old high schooler who is quite popular among people by some standards... i've been begging and pleading with my parents to put me on accutane for the past three years, since i realized that various friends of mine were on it. but they never gave in due to the side effect warnings. now i gotta admit my luck is pretty bad and if anyone were to be effected by the side effects of accutane it would probably be me. but the thing is, i've tried so many things and my body just gets immune to each thing after two months. And the only thing i've heard about that'll rip the acne off of you in less than two months is accutane, despite the risks it seems like my only way out. i need some help, advice, alternatives, anything that anyone can tell me about. and no im not gonna try any of that herbal stuff, and yes i already tried toothpaste. it didnt work. please email me if you could at [email protected] or just respond on this.

thank you


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Who wants to fool around with all those damn creams on your back? That must be a bitch to put on. I have to say, that when I had any pimples on my back, they weren't that bad, I would buy a buff puff sponge, and scrub it with neutrogena oil free wash one day, and a BP wash the next day. If the acne is real bad, accutane is extremely effective on back acne, from what I understand. Perhaps you can make an appointment with a derm and get some. After all, your dad is a doctor, and not a dermatologist, who specializes in acne and can give you accutane. I know at least ten friends who have been on accutane. No depression, no side effects at all. You can even go on a very low dose of it for like a year. Doctors are doing that now. Don't let your parents discourage you. It's your life and your back, after all. Years ago, my parents scoffed at the idea of accutane. "Suicide...depression?? HA. No way you are going on this poison!" Then, years later, after acne had taken such a terrible toll on my life and choices, they begged me to go on it. Begged me. It's great stuff. When you first go on, take 20 every other day, and slowly up to the dose the derm wants you on. Slowly. AND, always go on it with an antibiotic. Cefedroxil is great stuff. Avoid that accutane flare up. All the best

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Guest ilovepancakes

I know what you mean about back acne, I had severe acne on my back and its was a big pain and very time consuming to apply bp over huge areas. In fact I was only able to go on accutane because of my back.

-You should definately see a dermotologist!(not ur dad) They can give you a variety of things besides accutane as well as tell you where you are at now.

For me the worst part about accutane was getting 3 blood tests during the 6month treatment.

I had no big side affects. I think a dermotologist can help your parents know that accutane has side affects, but they are rare. A derm will definately help you.

Good Luck


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