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Whiteheads, lil itchy... suggest moisturisor?

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Hey guys, i'm post accutane here, and i've been getting some annoying whiteheads mainly in the T zone of my face... At the moment i count like 5 tiny ones no more than say 2mm in size (some less than 1 mm but makes skin look inflamed). I've been moisturising these bumps to prevent the itchyness, I'm not willing to use exfoliators however in the past couple of weeks have been (not over the affected areas but in the non affected areas seems to be okay i'm only doing once a week). Now I havent bothered with with any BP or clearsil or anything like that ... however i'm thinking i might have to.

My Regime:

* Wash face once a day usually just night, with dove moisturising bar.

* Shave at night (but not the problem area... problem areas forhead)

* After every time i cleanse i moisturise (seems to be okay for the bottom half of my face but top half its been up and down with results)

* Starting tonight going to wash hair every night with shampoo and conditioner ... (shampoo & conditioning can cause acne right... ? so what shampoo's and conditioners people recommend which you can get globally i.e. big brands)

* Face itches occasionally throughout the day ... but very strictly so trying not to touch it. But stupidly this morning i got a tissue and wiped some whiteheads away coz they were very ... not good to look at. :pray:

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