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Yeah, this stuff was prescribed to me by my doctor, i used to have moderate to severe acne, now its down to mild to moderate... it is slowly getting better though. I have been on it for like... let me see... just over a year. It is a topical gel (steviamycin(i may be spelling it wrong)) which has like... 2% or osmething salicyclic acid and an oral antibiotic (monocyclin). After reading some of your site i decided to stop popping my zits... it seems to be getting even betterer(not a word?) Well... it has taken quite some time for my acne to get better but it slowly is, though now i am thinking of possibly asking my doctor about benzoyl peroxide, any thoughts?

Edit: side effects i have found are a bit of a sensitivity to sunlight, not a real problem cause i have somewhat tanned skin anyway(burn a bit easier now) and dry eyes and my skin is really dry so i use a moisturizer... BTW reading some of the stuff on people's reactions to the drug... they are normal with it apparently, headache nausiea (sometimes eating something helps with that) etc...

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I tried the same combination of antibiotics and topical cream.

Didn't do much.

Benzoyl peroxide is something you should have tried before using either of those 2 prescriptions. If you decide to use Benzoyl Peroxide, only use 2.5% and use it for at least 8 weeks. Also, use plenty of it and not just on the acne spots but pretty much everywhere.

The other option is accutane and you will probably have to speak to a dermatologist about that.

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yeah thanks... i really dont wanna use accutane (i know someone who used it and commited suicide :() but it could have been any number of things (like think about it, you may have really bad acne(i dont have acne bad enough to use accutane, at least not any more) and have low self esteem and say some ignoramus picks on you or something well... yeah combination of stuff piling up eh)

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Stievemycin is acctually Erythromycin antibiotic, and Isotretinoin - in varying dosages. It has done alright for me; definitely better than when I first went on it, still not enough to prevent me from grabbing some accutane.

I don't think Benzoyl will result in much more improvement over that... its really one of the first treatments people try. I'm shocked you haven't already been there and done that!

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i was given tetracyclin oral antibiotic which i was on for 2 months. it worked really good i dont get any more acne really, maybe just a few whitehead things here and there but very small. now ive been off it for 1 week and im using the stievamycin gel which i like but leave my face a little dry. i jus hope i dont start breaking out ne time soon now that im off the tetracycline

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Hm... yeah for the dryness try a moisturizer... (my skin peeled reaaaally badly until i started using one though it does sorta... maybe... make it less effective)

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